The motion picture stars, sportsperson as well as various other celebs are recognized for living extravagantly as they are rather rich and have a huge internet well worth. These celebrities reside in huge luxurious houses, drive pricey cars and trucks and do not mind showing-off their splendor. On the other hand, there are couple of celebrities who live an easy as well as sober life regardless of being ultra-rich as well as right here we are going to inform you about some of them who picked small cars and trucks instead of fancy ones.

1. Tom Hanks– Scion XB– Rs 10.62 lakhs ($15,000):

Tom Hanks, the expert actor that has been entertaining us with his representing practically three decades now, has a substantial total assets of around $350 million. Well, the “Forrest Gump” actor does not drive any kind of lavish car yet a Scion XB which is valued at approximately Rs 10.62 lakhs ($15,000). Tom has actually changed his auto as well as installed an electrical engine making it environmentally pleasant which has actually likewise raised the worth of his automobile to almost Rs 39 lakhs ($55,000).

2. Nick Jonas– Shelby Mustang– Rs 48.16 lakhs ($68,000):

Nick Jonas, the American singer as well as star that has actually become a home name in India after obtaining married to Indian actress Priyanka Chopra, has a total assets of around $25 million. He enjoys to drive Shelby Mustang which features a cost tag of Rs 48.16 lakhs ($68,000); nonetheless just recently, he talented his partner a Maybach which costs around Rs 1.41 crore ($2,00,000).

3. Jennifer Lawrence– Volkswagen EOS– Rs 24.78 lakhs ($35,000):

Jennifer Lawrence is among the highest paid starlets of Hollywood and also she has a total assets of $130 million based on the Forbes listing which was released in 2018. She chooses to drive a Volkswagen EOS which is not just moderately valued but fuel efficient too.

4. Justin Timberlake– Volkswagen Jetta– Rs 11.30 lakhs ($16,000):

He is a very popular as well as successful vocalist, actor, professional dancer and also manufacturer that has an internet well worth of $230 million. Justin loves to put on fashionable clothing but he keeps his selection rather simple when it involves autos as he drives a Volkswagen Jetta which is among one of the most affordable vehicles.

5. Zac Efron– Oldsmobile Alero– Rs 11.63 lakhs ($16,355):

Zac Efron is among the most elegant actors of Hollywood and he arrived after he played the character of Troy Bolton in the Secondary school Musical franchise. His choice of cars and truck has shocked many as he drives a 1999 Oldsmobile Alero; it can’t be acquired new as its production was closure in 2004.

6. Conan O’Brien– Ford Taurus– Rs 30.10 lakhs ($42,500):

Conan O’Brien is one of the most famous TV hosts and also he is likewise known for his operate in the area of comedy. His web worth is $85 million but he drives a 1992 Ford Taurus SHO; it is being believed that the automobile must be having a psychological value for Conan.

7. Daniel Radcliffe– Fiat Punto– Rs 12.08 lakhs ($17,000):

He is just one of the most famous acEtors of the here and now generation and has a total assets of $110 million, most of which he has actually earned through the Harry Potter collection. He drives a pretty basic car Fiat Punto which he purchased in 2011.

8. Warren Buffett– Cadillac DTS– Rs 32.22 lakhs ($45,500):

Warren Buffett is amongst the most effective investors of the world and has a massive total assets. His living style is rather easy as he still lives in the residence that he acquired in 1958 and drives a Cadillac DTS which is additionally not extremely expensive.

9. Ryan Gosling– Toyota Prius– Rs 21.17 lakhs ($29,900):

Ryan Gosling likes to his maintain his individual life private but he has a credibility of being very classy when it pertains to his clothing. He drives a Toyota Prius which is not just fairly valued however setting pleasant as well.

10. Cameron Diaz– Toyota Prius– Rs 21.17 lakhs ($29,900):

Cameron Diaz is one of the most loved actresses in Hollywood that surprised every person when she announced her retirement from the flicks as she was pretty young during that time. Although that she has a net worth of $140 million, she drives a Toyoto Prius.

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