Celebrities like to cosplay as different characters and people just like the rest of us. They often dress up in these costumes to blend in with the rest of society and avoid attention from the crowds. Other times they want to be noticed and have their work recognized because this is something they love to do.

We have compiled a list of some of the best celebrity cosplays that have come up over the years as they dress up as their favorite characters. We love to see the creativity and effort that goes into them and the likeness to the real thing. Keep reading to learn about ten celebrities who pulled off incredible cosplay!

Iggy Azalea As Cruella De Vil

Iggy Azalea rocked this Cruella de Vil costume on the red carpet. She even went so far as to have a dalmatian by her side for the event. Her attitude speaks of poise and cruelty, which is exactly what one should expect from this particular character.

Iggy’s red lips pop and her matching shoes tie the entire outfit together. It is one of the most incredible things we have ever seen which is why we had to put her on this list.

Heidi Klum As Fiona

Heidi Klum is known for her extravagant cosplays, and one of her best was of Fiona from the movie Shrek. The entire reconstruction of her face and the addition of ogre’s hands speaks volumes of the work that had to be put into this costume.

She looks like the character from the animated movie stepped out of the screen and onto the streets. We could only dream of creating something this fantastic for ourselves and we can’t wait to see what else she creates in the future.

Ciara And Russell Wilson As Beyoncé And Jay-Z

Ciara and Russell Wilson went as Beyoncé and Jay-Z from one of their music videos. They pulled it off effortlessly and you almost have to do a double-take when you first see them. The style of Ciara’s hair combined with the suits and background looks very similar to the real thing. We have to give them props for this idea and we can only hope they decide to cosplay as them again in the future when they come out with another iconic video.

Paul Rudd As Weird Al Yankovic

Paul Rudd tried to hide from fans by dressing up as Weird Al Yankovic. He knew exactly what to do with the curly hair and the excessive Hawaiin shirt that he chose for his attire. The style of his mustache is even the same as this character’s at one time which is why Rudd deserves a round of applause.

We also like the play on the accordion as he carried with him a smaller version of the one this singer liked to use in his songs. It was far from a normal choice, but no one could cosplay as Yankovic any better.

Jamie Lee Curtis As An Orc

Many people don’t know that Jamie Lee Curtis is a huge fan of World of Warcraft. Her son even joined her in the festivities and they both painted their faces greek for the occasion. The helmet atop her head is exquisite and we are impressed by the handiwork of the gown as well.

The detail in the front breastplate obviously took some time to make and she pulled off the character like a true queen. There was so much effort put into this idea that it was impossible for us not to honor it in this list.

Jaden Smith As Batman

Jaden Smith has a love for Batman, which is why he cosplayed as this character when he attended prom. The suit as a whole is impressive between the pristine cape, the detail of the mask, and the extra pads placed around the bodysuit as special details. Jaden has also cosplayed as Iron Man, which he wore on his date with Kylie Jenner. It might seem a little strange, but that is just how much this celebrity loves to cosplay.

Danielle Radcliffe As Spider-Man

The most incredible part of this cosplay is how Danielle Radcliffe used this to hide from fans at a convention. He wore this to the San Diego Comic-Con back in 2014 so he could wander around without being noticed or followed by fans.

It is probably the ultimate Spider-Man suit to ever be worn by a celebrity for this reason, and the reveal after the event brought him a lot of attention over the stunt. It is hard not to be impressed, even though it was rather simplistic, as he wandered around in cosplay like the rest of us.

Will Ferrell As Megamind

Will Ferrell dressed up as Megamind himself when he attended Comic-Con back in 2010. He was part of the panel to answer questions and promote the movie, which he did in this unusual style.

The blue globe atop his head is what really gets us going as it is nowhere close to perfect, but we still catch the gist of who he was. The rest of the costume is even better as the homemade outfit and blue face transforms him into the villain of this movie.

Adam Savage As Chewbacca

Adam Savage is famous for a show called MythBusters, and he is known for his elaborate cosplays that he wears to different events. His face is always hidden beneath a mask, and this particular cosplay put him in a Chewbacca suit.

It looks so real and brings this character to life as he carried around his weapon of choice. We don’t know if he made the same noises as this beast, but we hope he tried while cosplaying this character.

Bryan Cranston as Heisenberg

Bryan Cranston plays a character named Walter White, whose alter ego was Heisenberg in a show called Breaking Bad. He thought it would be a great joke to cosplay as his character with a mask of his face at Comic-Con back in 2013.

No one expected it to be him when the mask came off, but it was the ultimate disguise. He literally blended in with the crowds by being himself in the most obvious way possible, and it is something we doubt any other celebrity cosplayer can beat.

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