There are male celebrities who wear makeup and are confident enough to do so for the sake of fashion. So it’s always a surprise to fans when they step out without the makeup.

Some do it for films, for the stage, or photo shoots, while others really just have to wear them. Check out some of Hollywood’s male stars who aren’t afraid of the brush and the mirror.

Pete Wentz with makeup

Wentz is best known as the bassist and lyricist for the rock band Fall Out Boy, but before playing for the band, he was a fixture of the Chicago hardcore scene.

Pete Wentz was the lead singer and songwriter for Arma Angelus, a metalcore band, hence his need to look the part by using makeup.

Pete Wentz without makeup

Wentz is also a businessman, so when he’s not playing music, he has to step out without the makeup for his many projects and meetings.

He is a writer, philanthropist, and even an actor. All that as he balances life with his family.

Johnny Depp with makeup

To be fair, Depp has had to wear makeup for most of his roles as he is known for playing the odd and the eccentric on screen.

But he is also a musician, and he goes for that classic rock and roll look a lot.

Whatever he wears, wherever he goes, Johnny Depp rocks the makeup.

Johnny Depp without makeup

And when Johnny Depp steps out without makeup, he still attracts the same attention thanks to his personality and style.

He has given us many memorable roles and films thanks to his many characters with and without the makeup.

Marilyn Manson with makeup

Manson is known for his controversial stage personality and public image.

He was born Brian Hugh Warner but his stage name was formed by combining the names of two opposing American cultural icons, namely actress Marilyn Monroe and cult leader Charles Manson.

His iconic makeup is certainly his own, so no one mistakes Manson for anyone else.

Marilyn Manson without makeup

Manson does philanthropic work so he does have to step out without the makeup.

He would scare the kids and raise concern with the many adults present if he did.

Manson remains, to this day, a very controversial figure.

Russell Brand with makeup

Brand is an English comedian and actor known for his flamboyant, loquacious style and manner that have raised eyebrows and drawn laughter at the same time.

He doesn’t shy away from the use of makeup depending on the shoot or the project he is working on.

Brand has always been controversial, and has been the subject of frequent media coverage for issues like his promiscuity, drug use and political views.

Russell Brand without makeup

Brand has been diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and bipolar disorder, but that hasn’t stopped him from practicing jiu jitsu and searching for spiritual answers.

And of course, he doesn’t wear makeup when he is doing martial arts.

Boy George with makeup

Boy George, the vocalist of Culture Club, has always worn makeup when he makes appearances for TV shows and concerts.

He is a successful artist though much has been made of his androgynous appearance and sexuality.

Boy George without makeup

Boy George is rarely seen without makeup, as he is always shown to be in his trademark style. In his music video “Life” he strips off his makeup and is almost unrecognizable.

Steven Tyler with makeup

Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler has his own unique style as well, and he often pairs his clothes with some makeup.

Like Johnny Depp, he’s got a bit of a pirate look to him, which goes rather well with his persona and the band’s image.

And no, the dude does not look like a lady.

Steven Tyler without makeup

There’s not much of a difference when Tyler goes without makeup.

His fashion sense is what grabs attention anyway, and he has been at it since the 70’s so everyone’s used to Steven’s look.

Still, at his age, he can get the crowd rocking.

Gene Simmons with makeup

KISS needs no introduction, and neither does Gene Simmons.

He is the bassist and co-lead singer of the band, and was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2014 as a member of KISS.

The iconic makeup is here to stay.

Gene Simmons without makeup

But without the trademark black and white on his face, Simmons reveals his Israeli-American roots.

He was born and raised in a poor Jewish family, some of them survivors of concentration camps.

Simmons is known for his long tongue, which he sticks out while performing.

He is also known as a demonic figure by spitting fire and vomiting stage blood during concerts.

Noel Fielding with makeup

Fielding is an actor and comedian known for his dark and surreal comedic style.

He has an impressive following both in comedy, acting, and art.

Fielding was also named one of GQs 50 best dressed British men in 2015, makeup and all.

Noel Fielding without makeup

Fielding has 2 daughters with DJ Lliana Bird, and is a very educated man.

He went to Croydon School of Art, studied for a BA in Graphic Design and Advertising at Buckinghamshire New University, then on to Buckinghamshire Chilterns University College in High Wycombe.

Fielding is pretty successful both with and without makeup, and his many fans like to try and dress up like him.

Nikki Sixx with makeup

Sixx is the co-founder, bassist, and primary songwriter of the heavy metal band Mötley Crüe.

One of those glam metal bands who like wearing a lot of makeup and tight leathers as they rock on stage with pyrotechnics.

He wrote most of the band’s material and is still active today, makeup and all.

Nikki Sixx without makeup

He is a family man despite his rock and roll lifestyle and does have successful businesses under his name.

Sixx has played for many other bands, but his trademark look stays pretty much the same.

He is 64 and does not show signs of stopping any time soon.

Jared Leto with makeup

Leto has a career spanning 3 decades and is known for his method acting for different roles.

He does not shy away from wearing makeup for the stage, his roles, or photoshoots.

Perhaps his most famous role to date is The Joker from The Suicide Squad.

Jared Leto without makeup

Away from the glamour and spotlight, Leto is an activist who supports animal rights.

He is also a vegan and is active in several charitable pursuits.

A controversial figure himself, Leto is nonetheless famous for his many looks and styles.

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