London is full of exciting adventures and places to explore. Starting from the basic sightseeing to exclusive clubs and restaurants that you wouldn’t find online, you will always have something to do to entertain yourself. While you can always have fun doing the traditional activities and going to the same old places there’s something exciting about taking the road less traveled. If you live in London or are just visiting or just want to know what are the most coveted spots around the city that are usually full of celebrities then keep reading. We will discuss the most unique places while also talking about some of the most popular spots and activities in the city. The list will also show you what you can do if you are not a fan of sitting around in pubs and restaurants all day.

The Swan Restaurant

The first place we’re going to discuss is attached to Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre and offers the view across St.Paul’s Cathedral and the City. It is a destination restaurant that offers private dining and is usually full of theater lovers and sometimes celebrities. Going to the theatre is a great idea no matter what city you’re in, but I would highly suggest going to Shakespeare’s Globa specifically. Often times if you visit the theater and go to the Swan after, you will get the chance to see some of the star actors from the play who chose to unwind after the important event near the theater. You might think that this place would be outrageously expensive but the prices are actually quite reasonable. Especially considering the view and the experience as a whole.

Covent Garden area

This may sound a bit cliche but there’s no way to avoid going to Covent Garden area. Just because its more knowledgable doesn’t make it less interesting. You will see a lot of options for fancy restaurants and cafes and if you feel like splurging why not stop by at one of the places? One of the most famous restaurants in Covent Garner is the Ivy. Unlike the Swan we mention earlier, this restaurant is pretty expensive and will cost you a lot more than your average meal in London. But if it’s within your budget the interior and the dishes definitely make it a worthy experience. There’s a reason why it’s so popular with celebrities. You may even get a treat of seeing your favorite famous person at the price of a great lunch for two.

Escape Rooms

If the activities listed above seem to fancy for you, no need to worry. Actually, a lot of Londoners will probably agree with you. Nowadays escape rooms are all the rage in London right now. Escape rooms have been popping up all over the city for quite some time now and at this point, there are so many options that you are guaranteed to find the one that will suit you. Escape rooms are usually designed to accommodate groups of 2-6 people so don’t hesitate to bring your friends or family with you. You might have an equal chance of meeting a celebrity in an Escape room as you would when going to an expensive restaurant. Escape rooms last an hour and you need to get out of there using your wits and logic. There’s a reason why they’ve been so popular in the last couple of years. There’s nothing like it when it comes to affordable entertainment and its also great for bonding with others and improving team spirit. Some even chose Escape rooms as their first date spots.


If an escape room doesn’t sound like your cup of tea then, clubbing might be what you’re after. There are a lot fo trendy clubs in London and you will probably encounter a lot of celebrities there as well. Some of the clubs you might want to consider are Mahiki and Whisky Mist. These clubs are quite exclusive but you can always try to get in. It’s half the fun. The menus in these clubs are usually quite expensive but their cocktail choices rarely disappoint. Of course, the clubs and their reputation change quite quickly so by the time you get to London there will probably be another club that offers top-notch entertainment and celebrity sigh seeing that week. But thede two clubs have been consistently full of celebrities for a while now so don’t hesitate to check them out either way. At least you will get a nice cocktail out of it.

Phoenix Art club 

This venus is as interesting as the name suggests. They’ve been around for over 3 decades so it’s safe to assume that they know what they’re doing. Phoenix Arts Club promotes itself as a place that has been “entertaining entertainers since 1988”.You can draw your own conclusions from that. But to give you more information about this venue. First of all, this is more exclusive than the rest of our spots and activities listed. This is a members club. But that doesn’t mean you should give up. The venue offers one-off memberships and you can have a great time at Phoenix art club that way. The club offers food drinks and an intimate atmosphere and as the venue’s selling point would suggest is full of celebrities.

Groucho club

The last place we’ll suggest is quite unattainable for “normal” people but it still deserves a spot on our list. This is by far the most exclusive club that you can’t access without a membership. You cant even apply for a membership here, you have to be invited by a member to the event begin to think about getting approved. But this is why celebrities love it so much. If you’re not a member and are not expecting anyone to invite you to become one there’s in only one way in – you have to know someone in the club. But even if you magically manage to get inside the club, the rules are that you can’t have your phone or take any picture. Since the clubs are so exclusive it’s not surprising that rules are this strict. But if you manage to get in you will definitely see multiple celebrities enjoying their lunch with other celebrities.

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