Long skirts, especially maxi skirts, have come in and out of style in the past years, changing in cuts and silhouettes but staying true to the long swathes of fabric we love draping from our waists. Beautiful, dainty, and feminine at the same time, some women shied away from maxi skirts for fear of looking frumpt and shorter, no thanks to that outdated style rule that petite women canât wear floor-length hem lines.

But as we’ve rolled into a modern era and learned to break and bend the rules, all those have changed since then. And besides, who would want to pass up on wearing maxi skirts? Theyâre breezy, easy to wear, and will no doubt allow you to look effortlessly stylish especially in this tropical heat! Whatever body type you may have, thereâs nothing that should stop you from pulling this piece off with ease.

Whether you’ve just bought your first maxi or you’re on the prowl for new ways to wear them, gather inspiration and take your cue from these celebs who make long hemlines look good!

Liz Uy

Youâll almost never catch Liz Uy in a basic outfit. Leave it to this fashion maven to add her distinct style to any outfit she wears, including this slinky skirt in gold. She pairs it with a blush top in a similar finish, and an oversized suit blazer in the same color. Liz finishes the look with white patent boots from The Attico.


Nicole Andersson

Nicole Andersson proves that you can never be too covered upâin this case, pairing a sweater with a maxi skirt! Here by the docks, Nicole keeps warm by tucking in her striped sweater in her skirt, and finishes her look with heeled boots. Especially for chillier temperatures, all it takes is to tuck in a top in order to streamline your silhouette.


Meanwhile, you can also wear your maxi skirt to the beach! This time, Nicole also packs another maxi skirt and takes it out in the tropics, wearing it with her bikini top and matching flats. When youâre lounging at the resort or on the way to pick up a smoothie on the street, a breezy and light maxi skirt can be a really stylish and boho-inspired cover-up!


Lissa Kahayon

Pairing cropped tops with long skirts is always a good idea, especially when the hem of the top stops right at your waistline. And the cropped top doesnât even have to be fitted, either! Take the case of Lissa Kahayon, who dressed up for cooler weather on her trip to South Korea. In a smart style move, she layered a cropped sweater over a maroon collared maxi dress, with the sweater being roomy enough that it looks good. Lissa also wore a white baseball cap and statement earrings just to give her look a casual flair.


Martine Cajucom-Ho

Long skirts are one of the best pieces you can pack with you on a trip â they allow for a lot of mobility, they can keep your legs covered from a strong wind, but they can also be breathable enough for balmy weather. While exploring the temples of India, Martine Cajucom-Ho chooses to wear this airy maxi skirt in blush with a relaxed button-down top in chartreuse and white Birkenstock sandals.


Lovi Poe

Let Lovi Poe show you how to slay in a long red skirt. Mixing structured and sleek details, Lovi wears her sultry thigh-high-slit skirt with this black Patty Ang sweetheart-cut top, a slick hairdo, crimson lipstick, and minimal accessories. Letting her top drape over her skirt like a peplum, the actress already creates an interesting silhouette to her look.


Janine Gutierrez

Janine Gutierrez styles her black leather skirt in one of the most foolproof ways possibleâby tucking her top in t0 show some skin, leather, that is. Long skirts with a high waistline always look good with a top tucked in, and the soft fabric of her button-down blouse nicely contrasts the sturdy leather and suede stiletto boots. Itâs a great jetsetting look so she can land in her destination in style!


Tricia Gosingtian

Looking frilly and feminine! Tricia Gosingtian looks polished and well-put together in this ensemble, tucking a white lacy top with a peach brown lacy skirt. She keeps the look simple with nude heels, light makeup, and her Kate Spade purse. Like Tricia, donât be afraid to pair similar or identical fabrics, which look amazing together. You can also pair similar colors for a monochromatic look!


Heart Evangelista

Whatâs great about Heart Evangelistaâs style is that she manages to mix the allure of couture with a fashion sense that is polished and regalâthink if Jackie O were alive in this generation. She marries timeless silhouettes with fun and bright pieces, and this ensemble is no exception. She looks every bit the elegant jetsetter, pairing this white linen safari shirt with a flowy printed skirt and nude wedge heels. Instead of tucking in the shirt, Heart cinches the top at the waist. For petite women, nude heels and maxi skirts are always a great pairing: The nude color gives a seamless illusion that your legs are a mile long beneath that skirt.


Here, Heartâs whole ensemble while lounging up high outdoors has a luxurious feel, wearing a vibrant pleated skirt from Kamiseta with a plush turtleneck sweater in beige, furry Gucci slippers and oversized sunglasses.


Kryz Uy

Take notes from Kryz Uy and donât shy away from pairing tougher pieces with softer, flowy fabrics. Case in point: Kryz wears this leather jacket with an airy pleated skirt in sienna. The skirt softens the whole ensemble, which she completes with leather boots and a backpack.


Elisse Joson

Got a boho-inspired maxi skirt? Donât hesitate to pile on the bohemian vibes! Wearing a tight-fitting cropped top like Elisse Joson here (who is actually wearing a swimsuit co-ord from Float Swim) with a breezy maxi skirt is one of the best outfits you can plan for a sunny day. The skin-tight fit creates shape and dimension in contrast to the loose silhouette of the skirt.