Oftentimes, celebrities’ roles and the characters they play overshadow the real people underneath. And sometimes we only need one fact to make the overall image of a star shine with new colors and to see this person from a different angle. For example, Emma Watson turned out to be a yoga instructor, while Kit Harington can outshine any of the lords from Game of Thrones with his origin.

It’s only in Game of Thrones where Jon Snow, played by Kit Harington, is a bastard raised in the house of a noble father just out of grace. In real life, Kit, or Christopher Catesby Harington, is the son of a 15th baronet Harington, Sir David Robert Harington. Kit is the eighth-great-grandson of Charles II of England. The actor’s family has its own family coat of arms, and viscounts, peers, and dukes were there among his relatives.