On the roadway, everybody’s based on the lengthy arm of the regulation– even celebrities.

Yes, even the rich as well as popular obtain drawn over by police when they’re speeding, falling short to utilize turn signals, or simply minding their company. And also unsurprisingly, most of them try to use their celeb standing to leave tickets.

Polices took to Reddit to share tales of the times they pulled over superstars. We can not validate every one of the tales so take them with a grain of salt.

1. Werner Herzog looks like he ‘d obtain almost everywhere by means of steam locomotive, not auto.

I gave Werner Herzog a speeding ticket in the Hollywood hillsides in the very early 2010s. He was really respectful as well as also drank my hand. Wonderful fellow. – haIfwit

2. Marilyn Manson: surprisingly cool.

My dad was a cop. Pulled over none apart from Marilyn Manson for a harmful signal lane adjustment (he was bragging the day it took place) in the very early 2000s. Said he was non descript and low secret, regretful and really did not act like a large shot above the legislation – BlackIsTheSoul

3. That is simply Clint.

My papa pulled over Clint Eastwood. I think this was after they started calling for licenses to drive motorbikes in California. He drew him over since he was driving squirly like he didn’t truly understand how to ride. His was response to license issue was “Male next thing you recognize you’ll need a license to ride a steed.” – osewt

4. Obviously Paul Newman’s in a thrill, those salad dressings aren’t gon na make themselves.

My papa was a law enforcement officer for 27 years as well as in eventually he drew over Paul Newman, who, apparently, was notorious for speeding. My father goes to mention him and also gets a telephone call for a mishap that required help down the road. Then at some point quickly thereafter, my dad pulled him over once more and Newman purportedly groaned, “Not you once more.” – zarina461

5. The response to this concern, for lots of people, is “barely.”

not a policeman, however I was a New York City Park Ranger in Central Park. I asked Christianne Amanpoor [sic] from CNN to place her dog on a leash as well as she said “do you know who I am?”

I stated “I do not care that you are, put your pet on a leash” – tyrannustyrannus

6. Allow’s all begin utilizing the justification “I’m not drunk, I’m just being Nick Nolte.”

Former cops cadet and also dispatcher below. I got on a flight along as well as was informed this story. So this police officer pulls this vehicle over for speeding. She then thinks the driver of being intoxicated. She hires his motorists license to run it. The dispatcher tells her, “You have Nick Nolte pulled over? Do you understand that he is? He’s a motion picture star.” The police officer is young and also does not know who Nick Nolte is. Ends up he wasn’t drunk, he was simply being Nick Nolte. She offered him a warning and also sent him on his method. – kndoue

7. Damn, he should’ve opted for the “Just Jack!” hands.

My pal is a cop in Chicago and also years ago he drew over Sean Hayes for speeding on Lake Coast Drive. My friend acknowledged him from TV yet didn’t let anything on. As he was writing him a ticket, Hayes asked, “Do you view ‘Will & & Elegance’?” My good friend simply claimed, “Nope. Here’s your ticket.” – kiggitykbomb

8. Well where else were Hunter S. Thompson and Kurt Russell meant to park?

[I was] the sheriff’s replacement at Aspen’s airport terminal, Sardy Field. I needed to endanger to tow both Kurt Russell’s and also Hunter Thompson’s lorries greater than once when they left them where they weren’t expected to, parked right in front of the airport terminal. Hunter was Seeker and simply mumbled as well as groused, as well as Kurt normally just swung and grinned. Dirty violators, the both of them;-RRB- I can still keep in mind Russell’s certificate plate … VCD711 – sdfhat

9. To be reasonable, Blake Shelton most likely barely acknowledges Blake Shelton.

I drew Blake Shelton over when. I strolled up the home window went with my little line “Hello there my name is Officer juscvin with the city Police, The factor I have actually stopped you tonight is insert criminal offense, may I see your license and insurance policy confirmation”. He provides me his things as well as it’s actually late so I have not even identified it’s him yet I’m simply assuming this person looks acquainted he was really friendly and pretty regretful super wonderful person I intended to request for an autograph or image yet seemed like it would’ve been amateur. – juscvin

10. Which one’s Hootie, anyhow?

I provided the long haired person (very early 2000’s I think) from Hootie and also the Blowfish a ticket for no leash on his dog. We were driving on a tiny beach island as well as he’s basing on a service road with his pet as well as no leash. He informed my partner and also I he remained in a band and also we asked which band he was in as well as he informed us. We both were like we’ve never ever come across this band (existing). I stated Hootie ?? Best of luck keeping that is it rap as well as he laughed and also stated no. He was amazing. Still gave him the ticket. – GrundleHuffer

11. Can not believe Expense Cosby’s not a nice person.

The area [where I worked] had a little air strip near this holiday location. One night among our Deputies is patrolling and also finds a running SUV just parked there at like 0300. Get in touches with the vehicle driver who my pal reported as being kind of dubious as well as not belonging in the area. Driver claims he is waiting for Costs Cosby as well as is his body guard and also chauffeur. My close friend does deny it yet claims he will stay for Costs Cosby to appear. Low and behold, a jet lands a couple of mins later and Expense Cosby ventures out. My good friend says he approaches the truck and the driver says “Mr Cosby, this Deputy wants to satisfy you”. All Bill states is “thats wonderful”, enters the automobile and leaves. The means it was told is he was a snarky as well as disrespectful asshole. – Petro6golf

12. Aw, he was possibly perplexed due to the fact that he’s just ever before seen corgis.

My father shouted at Royal prince Harry as soon as for trying to pet dog his German Guard authorities canine – RealSocks6969