Hold Up– Young Jenna From 13 Taking Place 30 Re-Created Her Iconic Birthday Celebration Look, Scrunchie and also All

Jenna Rink is all matured, and she’s just as fashionable as she constantly dreamed she would be. In a video clip shared to TikTok on Aug. 2, Christa B. Allen, that played Youthful Jenna in, re-created the major character’s legendary birthday celebration clothing from the movie, scrunchie and all. “I can’t believe it’s been 15 years given that we fired this flick!” Christa captioned a repost of the video on Instagram.

Inspired by her retro ’80s clothing from the film, Christa slid on a funky patterned skirt, an off-the-shoulder blouse decked out with gemstones, a chunky white belt, lacy leggings, ballet apartments, and a matching scrunchie that she made use of to pull her hair into a high braid. (Do you see those feathery bangs?) Oh! And also, of program, she really did not fail to remember Jenna’s signature star-shaped jewelry, which connected the whole appearance together and also have us sighing as we psychologically experience our preferred fashion trends from the 2000s. Now, Matt may suggest that “you can’t simply reverse time,” but after seeing this attire, we ask to vary. See Christa’s full 13 Taking place 30 attire re-creation right here.