Cleaning is satisfying. There’s just nothing better than restoring something that has been neglected back to its former glory; and the dirtier it was, the better it feels.

And what gets grimier than the things that get left outside? Faced to deal with the elements – the rain, the mud, the smog and pollution, many of these objects seemed beyond rescue, doomed to decay in a fetid morass of crud and muck.

Enter the powerwasher. A true superhero of hygiene, there is nothing that this miracle worker cannot cleanse. Watch in awe as it sluices its way through the gunge, leaving behind a line of sparkle and renewed life wherever it goes. Satisfying? You bet your ass it’s satisfying. This list, compiled by Bored Panda, is a clean freak’s dream that’ll have you googling ‘powerwasher price’ the minute you’ve finished scrolling through it.

Don’t believe us? Check it out for yourself below, and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

#1 Powerwashed Dam In Eastern Germany

Image credits: Bernd Nörig

#2 My Hometown Recently Power Washed The Town Hall

Image credits: SimbaSultana

#3 This Was Done While Power Washing A Pavement

Image credits: wildwoodbadboy

#4 Spent The Day Power Washing My Grandmother’s House. Had To Be Sure The Other Grandkids Knew The Truth

Image credits: oliverclothessoff

#5 Wife Wanted Me To Buy A New Rug For The Baby To Learn To Crawl On. I Bought A Power Washer Instead

Image credits: von_Bob

#6 Checkmate

Image credits: b1gHubba

#7 So. Damn. Satisfying

Image credits: xsieras

#8 This Woman Uses The Power Washer She Got As A Birthday Gift To Unleash Her Creative Potential

Image credits: DL Wood

#9 Cleaned Up This Chonk Yesterday

Image credits: osorojoaudio

#10 A Super Patio

Image credits: powerwashnj

#11 One Of The Most Satisfying Jobs I’ve Done In The Past

Image credits: 27KatieLady

#12 Here’s Some Marble Circa 1881 For You Guys

Image credits: penisbuffet

#13 Inherited These Chairs 20 Years Ago. Washed Yesterday

Image credits: KG7DHL

#14 I Did A Thing

Image credits: GregTheHandyman

#15 I Legitimately Thought Fences Just Faded Into That Grey Until I Borrowed Power Washer And 12 Hours Later…

Image credits: jaydubaaa

#16 My Sister Said, “Powerwashing Does Nothing”. I Retaliated In The Only Way I Know How

Image credits: GeneralMavrick

#17 Scored This For $50, So Spent 10 Minutes On It With 3100 Psi

Image credits: Unemployed321

#18 Refreshing Garden Chairs

Image credits: kyridwen

#19 Teaching Them Young! Close Supervision Of Course

Image credits: Jariners

#20 Customer Was Quoted $3000 To Replace The Gutters Because They Were Ugly. Asked If I Would See What I Could Do

Image credits: c_h_u_c_k

#21 Before And After Of The 91 Mustang Washing

Image credits: goslow5o

#22 I Power Washed This Rug Left Behind By The Old Home Owners. I Had No Idea The Design Was This Intricate

Image credits: dvalliant

#23 An Old Table I Was Going To Throw Out. Turned Out Worth Keeping

Image credits: axisforwood

#24 This Building Halfway Through Cleaning In Vienna

Image credits: irrigated_liver

#25 They’re Cleaning This Fountain Just Next To Red Square. I Can See Why

Image credits: sned777

#26 Took The Day Off And Cleaned The Terrace In My Backyard

Image credits: GoodTimeForTruth

#27 Almost A Century Of Coats On Coats On Coats. It Takes Them 45 Seconds To A Minute Per Brick

Image credits: ATerrelldactyl

#28 Art Piece Somewhere In The West End (London)

Image credits: nath_ray

#29 Mold And Mildew Mitigation Is One Of Our Specialties

Image credits: debristeam

#30 Did This Porch/House A While Ago Showing Before And After Used With No Bleach

Image credits: absolute_clean

#31 Found A New Use! Cleaning The Hammock

Image credits: johnnybluejeans

#32 Bought A Drone For My Powerwashing Business, First Shot Was A Success

Image credits: mikehocksbig

#33 First Wash Since Moving In. So Satisfying

Image credits: MaddieEsquire

#34 Neighbors Told Me They Already Jet Washed This Bench, I Kindly Offered To Give It Another Go For Them

Image credits: crispeedee

#35 So Satisfying

Image credits: benhc1113

#36 Power Washing An Outdoor Redwood Table – Paused Half Way Through To Appreciate The Difference

Image credits: BroncoWarrior

#37 This One Has Been Waiting For A Decade

Image credits: PM_ME_NICE_MUSIC

#38 From Black To White

Image credits: pressure_washing_southflorida

#39 I Did The Thing For A Chair My Dad Was Gonna Trash

Image credits: damn_jexy

#40 Finally Got A Pressure Washer. Here’s The Before And After Shot

Image credits: glutengladiator

#41 My Sister Couldn’t Understand Why I Would Offer To Clean Her Garden

Image credits: Jebble

#42 Grandpa’s Bench Was Well Overdue For A Wash

Image credits: dirksrules

#43 Customer Wanted A “Test Spot” To Convince Husband Power Washing Needed To Be Done

Image credits: PrettyFly4Wifi

#44 First Time Power Washing. Was Not Disappointed

Image credits: Smitty357

#45 Washed My Patio Before And After

Image credits: Pygmyslowloris

#46 First Time I’ve Ever Power Washed Anything. I Think I’m Addicted Now

Image credits: doesnt_comment_often

#47 They Were White

Image credits: dirceucor7

#48 Love Results Like This, Especially In 2 Hours Of Total Time

Image credits: xTeo212x

#49 Finished The Brick Walkway From A Couple Of Weeks Ago

Image credits: kynov

#50 Obviously This Power Washer’s Day Ended Halfway Through Finishing

Image credits: hahababahajskdldjshs

#51 Getting There

Image credits: wilconsrv

#52 Before And After Of A Paddle Boat

Image credits: RPBot

#53 You Never Really Understand Until You Do One Yourself

Image credits: KnowBuddyReally

#54 Brick Entryway Before And After

Image credits: polishfury10

#55 10 Years Sitting Outside

Image credits: TrickinVixen

#56 My Parents’ Patio Hadn’t Been Washed In Years. Got Around To Borrowing A Washer And Used One For The First Time

Image credits: senorspicystein

#57 I Didn’t Even Realize There Were Different Colors Before

Image credits: longtimelurker9091

#58 My Manky Backyard

Image credits: mistaoononymous

#59 My 3 Year Old: It’s Like A Giant Eraser! Me: Yes, Yes It Is

Image credits: kathrynxxmarie

#60 Wearing Shorts Was A Bad Idea

Image credits: GlideOutside

#61 Volunteered To Help My Grandma Powerwash In Her Garden Today, Loved Every Moment

Image credits: flixtez

#62 Looks Like New

Image credits: h2oblasters

#63 Get Rid Of All Your Slip Hazards – It Could Be Dangerous For Your Kids, Friends, And Loved Ones

Image credits: jj_interior_exterior_services

#64 Power Wash Unlimited

Image credits: power_wash_unlimited

#65 A Wall Around A 30-Year-Old Pool We Thought Would Need To Be Repainted

Image credits: mercy-purple

#66 Halfway Through Washing Some Neglected Outdoor Furniture

Image credits: rovus

#67 The Deck Of The House I Bought Was In Rough Shape

Image credits: Dms5223

#68 Another Great Transformation For The Client, Softwashing And Pressure Cleaning Her Patio Back To New

Image credits: reactpropertysolutions

#69 We Were Doing Some Work On Stonington Place In Zanesville Last Week

Image credits: power_clean_ohio

#70 Truck Wash

Image credits: BurninatorJT

#71 Can The Steam Cleaning Community Get Some Love?

Image credits: dontuseyourreal_name

#72 Thought We Had An Old, Run Down Clay Court At My New Place, I Was Wrong

Image credits: Michaelm217

#73 Only An 8-Year-Old Deck

Image credits: FarkGrudge

#74 Finally Got Around To Power Washing The Backyard, Couldn’t Dream Of Better Results

Image credits: jordanburic

#75 Not A Traditional Powerwash, But Still Super Satisfying

Image credits: Strafe_Stopper

#76 Some Savannah Brick Experiencing Its First Ever Wash

Image credits: issathrowawaybabay

#77 20 Years Of Moss And Grime Washed Away

Image credits: mermaiddolphin

#78 A Pool That Has Been Down For Two Years

Image credits: dubduece469

#79 Definitely Could Have Bought A Power Washer A Few Years Earlier

Image credits: driki

#80 They’ve Started Washing This Huge Church In Brighton

Image credits: ellen-richardson

#81 Found Some Stones At Our House, Power Washed Them And Uncovered A Patio

Image credits: ActivistVinyl

#82 Rock ‘N Roll

Image credits: bailstrick

#83 Just Moved Into A House On A Lake. Had Years Of Gross Built Up On Everything

Image credits: reddirtanddiamonds

#84 They’re In The Process Of Cleaning A Rocket Near My Apartment

Image credits: A_Steen97

#85 Nasty Deck

Image credits: spraywash

#86 Before And After. Still Have To Sand And Re-Seal But Damn It’s Pretty

Image credits: lowercaseg91

Image credits: MissionCow

#88 This Church In Paris

Image credits: Killadelphian

Image credits: glenn_stefani

#90 This Is The Type Of Porn That Gets Me Wet

Image credits: GregTheHandyman

#91 Making The Hammock Usable Again

Image credits: squeebie23

#92 Found This Morning, Really Hoping I Can Watch The Crew Finish The Job Tomorrow

Image credits: LoneVonRanger

#93 A Little Amateur Porn For You

Image credits: delightfulfetus

#94 I’d Say This Belongs Here. My Parents Had Our Cabin Corn-Cob Blasted And Re-Stained And Everything After

Image credits: walkcr22

#95 Always Thought These Bricks Were Gray

Image credits: BrownL

#96 Thought I’d Share What I Do For A Living

Image credits: theycallmeyoogi

#97 Big Job

Image credits: slatp55

#98 We Love These Results

Image credits: csinternationalestates

#99 After 7 Years Of Service For The Police Department The Crown Victoria Is Brought Back To Its Former Glory

Image credits: thatboostedbp4w

#100 Well Done

Image credits: cleanexgroup

#101 The History Of Before And After

Image credits: sandiegodetailing

#102 Progress Of Kitchen’s Deep Cleaning

Image credits: cleanmyofficetoday

#103 Render Contrast

Image credits: mm20

#104 Black To Red

Image credits: mm20

#105 Power Washing The Swamp

Image credits: KimBop15

#106 This Pool Cleanup After A Haboob

Image credits: RPBot

#107 Cleaned This Camper For A Friend

Image credits: swiftpoop

#108 Satisfying Warsh

Image credits: AsianAssHitlerHair

#109 Power Washing Process Making This Ugly Public Building A Little Less Ugly

Image credits: Ilustrachan

#110 This Big Tank

Image credits: pressurewashr

#111 It’s Amazing What A Pressure Washer In The Right Hands Can Accomplish

Image credits: pcpaving_orlando

#112 Before And After

Image credits: naturebeatsnurture

#113 There’s No Photos Of Them Doing It, But This Is Square By Square Power Washing In Leeds

Image credits: my-dog-is-on-fire

#114 My Wife Said No One Would Give Me Internet Points For Cleaning This Plastic Chair With Our New Pressure Washer

Image credits: Tiekal

#115 My Uncle: “Here I Only Did Half So You Can Show Your Friends”

Image credits: zepolm5

#116 Not The Best Job But Still A Nice Change

Image credits: TrevorIsLit

#117 Bringing Some Color Back To The Old Paving

Image credits: pedro0418

#118 Pool Season

Image credits: ChiRyan-

#119 Welcome To My Home

Image credits: FairyEarthChild

#120 Student Dorm Power Washing

Image credits: Seleven420

#121 Missed A Spot

Image credits: Bucky244

#122 I Work In A Machine Shop And This Is The Only Thing That Gets The Dried Cutting Oil Off The Boots

Image credits: HDTicket2

#123 Drastic

Image credits: WittsandGrit

#124 Doesn’t He Look Angry Before And Happy After?

Image credits: ghoti_ml

#125 Cemetery Monument Clean Up

Image credits: CrazyBigHog

#126 I Think They’ll Notice A Difference When They Get Home

Image credits: spraywash

#127 Struggling With PTSD And This Clean Start Felt So Good To Accomplish. I Know We Need To Get Our Step Fixed But Man That Can Be Pricey

Image credits: avocado425

#128 A Few Guys Up There Powerwashing The Superdome In The Hot New Orleans Sun

Image credits: pickledonionxoxo

#129 You Guys Made It Look So Easy To This First-Timer. Liars. The Outcome Was Well Worth It, Though

Image credits: SecretaryZone

#130 My Welcome Mat

Image credits: DeyH8usBcuzDeyAnus

#131 Dry-Ice Blasting Old Log Cabin

Image credits: LancerFIN

#132 Feels Like A Whole New Company

Image credits: jrizzlemydizzle

#133 I Immediately Volunteered To Clean My MIL Trailer When I Knew There Was Karma Involved

Image credits: JoeyThePlatypus

#134 Power Washing I Was Happy To Do At Work Today

Image credits: jyapps

#135 Finally Got It Washed. Happy With The Result

Image credits: BelleCrow

#136 I Couldn’t Believe I Got Paid All Summer To Do This

Image credits: Thanos2350

#137 Lost My Powerwash Virginity Today

Image credits: willem_willem

#138 Balcony Of A Woman Living Off The Coast Of Puget Sound. Apparently It Was Relatively New Paint

Image credits: evolizan

#139 Probably The Most Satisfying Moment I’ve Had Power Washing

Image credits: EmperorRamosa

#140 Something To Trigger The Old Man When He Gets Home

Image credits: microwavablecat

#141 Hired People To Powerwash The Deck

Image credits: BaCcAZ_Games

#142 Decided To Powerwash Our Stairs

Image credits: Einiman

#143 17+ Years Of Discoloration/Mildew/Mold Removed From The Pool Wall

Image credits: darkrider400

#144 Enigma

Image credits:

#145 Difference A Good Power Washing Makes Is Like Magic

Image credits: second.avenue_

#146 Deep Clean Of Office’s Carpet

Image credits: precision_cleaning

#147 Doing Some Kitchen Floor Cleaning Services

Image credits: oh_kay_cleaning_corp

#148 Spotted In Manhattan. Can’t Tell If I Love This Or If It’s Going To Drive Me Nuts

Image credits: Mister_Snrub

#149 Restoring A Building

Image credits: magickiwi

#150 Use Of Positive And Negative Space

Image credits: walkswithwolfies

#151 Patch Test On The Driveway

Image credits: kkys1

#152 The Facade Of The Imperial Castle In Poznan During Cleaning And Renovation

Image credits: bigmeat

#153 Power Washed Our Vietnamese Pot Belly Pig’s Bed The Other Day

We had no idea the fire hose was originally white as it arrived the color at the bottom

Image credits: Tll6

#154 Half Washed Road Tunnel

Image credits: zxyabcuuu

#155 Cleaning In Style

Image credits: KarateLion

#156 Got Around To Cleaning Up The Front Steps. Surprisingly Fun

Image credits: HotPocketHeart

#157 Cleaned And Ready To Be Sealed

Image credits: reliablepressurecleaning

#158 The Difference A Wash Can Make To An Emergency Exit

Image credits: lissardaghcleaningservices

#159 After Living In Our New House For 6 Months, I Finally Got Around To Knocking This Job Out

Image credits: boxofstuff

#160 Can’t Tell When Was The Last Time This Mailbox Was Cleaned. Clean Now Though

Image credits: c_h_u_c_k

#161 Before And After. Mostly Power Washed

Image credits: jrock7784

#162 Buy A New Rug They Said

Image credits: hinesktchp

#163 The Frontal View Of An Old Building Being Washed In My Neighborhood

Image credits: mesvakali

#164 Only Reason I Moved Apts Was To Post Here. June Move In To September

Image credits: hvacmakesmehot

#165 This Bench Was Slated To Be Trashed Before I Offered To Take It, So Glad I Decided To Power Wash It

Image credits: Majormassive797

#166 Bit Of A Difference At The Side Of My Parents’ Home This Week

Image credits: GrthGlvry

#167 No One Realized These Church Steps Were Orange

Image credits: calebdill

#168 Washed Garden Furniture Into Existence

Image credits: g__hp

#169 Literally Had No Clue That The Building Next To My Office Was White Until Just Now

Image credits: Expeditious_Driver