Knowing that our favorite celebrities have made the conscious decision to save an animal’s life and give it a safe home makes us admire them all the more. Our adorable 4-legged friends require a lot of attention and affection, especially if they had a rough start in life. And when these busy stars choose to shower a vulnerable pet with their love, this only attests to how big their hearts really are.

The Hollywood heartthrob was at a shelter in Houston looking for a rescue dog for his friend when he first crossed paths with his Golden Retriever mix. After taking him for a short walk, the actor found it hard to leave the adorable pet behind, and this is how he spontaneously decided to adopt him. He described their encounter ’’like a very brief rom-com.’’

It’s no surprise that the actress who has been a long-time advocate for rescue animals is a proud parent of a few pets. She currently has 3 — Clyde, a gray Schnauzer mix; Sophie, a black and white Pit Bull mix; and Lord Chesterfield, a white Shepherd mix who joined the family in 2020.

With currently 3 kittens sharing her home, we can confirm that the popular singer is a huge fan of cats. Her latest family member, Benjamin Button, pictured here, was even featured in the music video of her song, ’’Me.’’ Her 2 other kittens have equally fascinating names: Olivia Benson and Meredith Grey.

With a donkey, a pony, and 3 dogs on the property, we can say that Arnold Schwarzenegger keeps a mini-zoo around him. He had explained that the ’’not-so-small’’ pets are allowed to freely roam around the house and be ’’all over the place.’’ They had even interrupted a TV interview he was giving from home and came to him while the actor was on-screen.

The American actor and director first met Woodie and Willow in 2017 thanks to a TV show segment about animals displaced by a hurricane. Since the actor was also participating in the same episode that day, he fell in love with the brother-and-sister duo backstage and decided to rescue them both. Unfortunately, after Willow passed away, Schreiber decided to add another member to his rescued pet family, and this is how Scout joined them in 2020.