Whenever a celeb singer releases a break up anthem, the general public can’t aid yet do some digging regarding which of their popular substantial others the track can be about. From Justin Timberlake’s obvious shout-out to Britney Spears in his “Cry Me a River” video to Taylor Swift’s variety of puzzling lyrics referencing past paramours, it’s difficult not to play investigator and try to decipher the feasible messages. After Selena Gomez dropped her brand-new song “Lose You to Love Me,” individuals wasted no time at all attaching the verses to her ex lover Justin Bieber.

Top-level musicians create tune lyrics regarding their rebellious romances much like most nonfamous people would compose in their journals – the only distinction is that while your journal access may be for your eyes just, their scrawled-on, tear-stained pages end up being chart-topping radio staples and tracks of the Summer season, popping up on postsplit playlists around the world. Can you think of being out with your pals, dancing the night away in a bar, when all of an unexpected your ex-spouse’s hit song (the one that everybody understands has to do with you) begins blasting from the speakers? Picture yourself in an attractive dining establishment on a third day, sipping wine and also listening intently to them talk about their day, prior to … what’s that noise? Oh, it’s simply that person you dated for six months singing concerning exactly how you broke their heart right into a million tiny items. Such a drag, right?

We might never, ever before learn who Carly Simon thought was “so vain,” but a minimum of we have these modern-day breaks up songs to look at. Maintain reading for stars who will likely be haunted by the tracks concerning them for the remainder of their lives.