A whole lot of people get starstruck around popular individuals, which is a completely natural response to being face-to-face with someone whose personal life you’ve checked out while sitting in the waiting room of your dentist’s workplace. Yet then there’s the reverse scenario: when you meet somebody super-famous and also do not realize it. Not to worry, celebrities probably value being treated like a “normie” for when. These experiences might be embarrassing for the non-celebrity in the circumstance, depending on just how you acted. No person intends to be the individual that selected spinach out of your teeth while chatting with a cultural symbol.

These 22 individuals shared tales on Reddit concerning what happened when they came across a well-known person as well as really did not recognize it till after that:

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My mama chewed out Pierce Brosnan. She and my father went to a ski resort obtaining lunch. My mommy gets rather hangry (an unfortunate quality I inherited) and also was waiting in line to order. Right as she’s about to get a man attempted to cut in front of her and also disturb her. She snapped as well as informed him to go to the back of the line like everybody else. She got her food as well as went back to my daddy resting there mouth broad open in shock.

“Do you know who that was?”


“That was Pierce Brosnan. You simply chewed out James bond”

“Well he should not have actually tried to cut me”

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This does not count because it’s about my father in regulation, and he legally really did not understand who she was, yet we were vacationing in Maine and also spending a great deal of time on the coastline. My daddy in regulation would certainly walk his pet dog early every person morning. He satisfied this lady as well as they would assemble and stroll their pet dogs together then go their different ways.

One morning I got up very early to find with him, as well as to my shock, we met Sigourney Weaver and also chose a walk.

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I was 10 years old in 2002 when my mother took me to the Bronx Zoo for the very first time. It was a rainy day so we virtually had the whole area to ourselves with the exception of 3 British kids running about, chaperoned by a female. My mother promptly befriended the lady while I made like a child and also joined the stockpile, checking out spiders and scorpians as well as cooperating the admiration and excitement of the pets.

After about a hr when we stated our farewells, my mommy told me that the youngster, Daniel, that I had actually been socializing with had played Harry Potter in the film that came out last year.

I had actually believed he looked acquainted.

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My relative rode a ski lift with Jack Black in Vail. Simply both of them. Her husband and I remained in the lift behind them, going nuts. When we obtained off the lift they ‘d gone their separate methods. We made our means to her she resembled “wow, that guy on my lift was so nice.” We resembled NO SHIT THAT WAS JACK BLACK. She was like “THE SCHOOL OF ROCK GUY?!?!”

She was so humiliated. She said she babbled on about staying in Iowa for many of their conversation. We giggled our asses off.

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Among my friends apparition is Ethan Hawke. Like it’s frightening just how much he resembles him, to the point that throughout those dumb facebook challenges he just transformed his account image to him and no one recognized it. Also his favored tale was one-time at San Diego Comic Con he really perplexed Rosario Dawson at a hotel bar.

Anyway one evening I’m strolling residence from work in NYC, and I see that I thought was my good friend, John just walking on a sort of remote part of 9th ave around Hells Kitchen, and also I shout “JOHN!”

He doesn’t turn about.

So I determine to scream it again, and rather than reacting his rate quickens. I choose the best thing to do is to go for him which appeared to horrify him as bear in mind it’s late and also there are very few individuals around. Anyhow I catch up to him and also claim “Oh, you’re not John” as well as then leave what was a really anxious Ethan Hawke.

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My friend’s mommy (over 70yrs old) has a small oriental grocery store. Post Malone came strolling in with his girlfriend and his mother had no idea who he was. A few adorable points took place:

  1. She fidgeted due to his tattoos, yet happy/not concerned once he acquired a whole lot of food. She had no suggestion he was a star.

  2. She gave him a free treat for buying so much food as well as told him to come back for lunchtime for affordable and yummy gyoza (he did return the next day!)

  3. She was worried he would get mugged going to his automobile since of 3 large guys outside so she followed him outside (they were his bodyguards)

  4. She really liked his “awesome automobile” (it was a lamborghini)

She informed my friend regarding the encounter that evening as well as he pulled up a youtube video based upon the summary – it was him. When Article Malone came back the following day for Gyoza she obtained a selfie with him (it gets on my pals phone so I don’t have the picture available now). Entire point is cute with exactly how innocent his mommy is.

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I worked at a flick theater in Albuquerque at the time they we’re shooting the initial avengers film. Captain America was concerning to come out, I keep in mind since we had the huge standee of him in the lobby. I read in the box office when 3 people turned up. Man requested 3 tickets to Bridesmaids. It was dark out as well as he had an eco-friendly baseball cap and also sunglasses. He paid with a bank card. Christopher Evans. I stared at the card after I swiped it. Handed it back. “I require you to sign the receipt” he did. And then he strolled in.

Edit: many thanks for all the comments individuals. Just to include on. I really did not identify the other 2 with him. One was a blonde female and also the other was a guy with hummed hair and also a 6 o’clock shadow. I only lived in ABQ for a year in 2010-2011

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Functioning cashier at a small candy shop during a lull, and also unexpectedly we’re swarmed with black fits as well as shades. Some individuals in suits come in with even more tones stalking them. They surf, acquire delicious chocolates, and hand them to one more suit. I joke to one person regarding that box most definitely not allowing enough for everyone, and also he chuckles and also buys three even more. They evacuate and shields escort them out. Couldn’t have actually been greater than ten minutes.

When I went house, I learnt that Air Pressure 2 had landed for a meeting close by, as well as I had actually taken care of to persuade the Assistant of something (Defense, I think) to get $200 of chocolate.

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I made use of to be a web server at a Mexican dining establishment right outside LA in the late 90s. One day Leonardo DiCaprio was available in with who I assume was his mommy to have lunch. This would’ve been post Titanic so actually at the peak of his innovation mega superstar status. He was wearing a round cap, sunglasses and also unshaven however I acknowledged him anyway. I really did not let anybody know as well as I created something like “your movies are amazing, I wish you liked our food” on his invoice when I dropped it off at the table.

After he left, I visited and also grabbed his settlement and also he had actually left me a note back that said “thanks so much for not blowing my cover” with a $100 pointer. Spunk was remarkable I was only like 19, I went and also obtained some Playstation games with it after my shift ended.

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This occurred yesterday! My spouse took my child to the zoo, as well as he wished to check out every little plaque in the reptile location. My wife was sidetracked for a moment, so he asked the nearest unfamiliar person to check out the plaque for him. My wife transformed around to see Scarlett Johansson happily checking out the info to him

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My mama is a big sports fan. One time she was patronizing and saw a truly huge, healthy looking man who she didn’t instantly acknowledge however appeared acquainted. She assumed it must of been an expert football gamer or something, so she increased to the just other individual in the store, who was this smaller wierd-looking individual, as well as asked him if he knew that the athletic looking guy was. The brief person took a look at my mother and stated “That’s my bodyguard, I’m Elton John.”

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My sis had an experience with Jack Black where she really did not know it was him. We went to a performance for my uncle’s band and she texted me from downstairs while she was billing her phone “I absolutely just had a conversation with someone who resembled a fatter Jack Black” I texted her back that our uncle knows Jack Black and also that was most definitely him. Advantage she really did not do the entire “do you ever get that you appear like a much heavier Jack Black?” thing!

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I (virtually literally) faced Shaq at a small dining establishment in LA. He was standing in the doorway. You understand just how some people are so tall you do not “see” them? So I’m exiting the entrance, as well as say “excuse me guy” as well as he stepped aside so I could leave. He is one large person.

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I went to IKEA in Vancouver as well as saw this woman in a low dangling hat had actually gone down something. I helped her choice it up and also observed it was Sarah McLachlan. Really did not let on that I knew who she was due to the fact that I couldn’t think about anything to state.

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A pair of years ago me and also my sibling went to Comic-Con. You have a tendency to see some a great deal of well-known people there, however it’s typically with them in cubicles with guards as well as things (with the exception of Seth Environment-friendly).

Anyway, me as well as my sis were at among the cubicles awaiting their free gifts when a guy unexpectedly came up close to me all excited and in a bit of marvel. He informed us just how fantastic everything was there and also just how much of an experience it was for him there, all in a while I was probably considering him strangely due to just how familiar his accent and also his voice and his face as well as his blond hair was. He asked where we obtained our poster tubes, as well as that’s probably when I remembered that he was yet decided to simply not mention it because I was sort of still in disbelief and directed him to among the much off cubicles where they sell poster tubes.

The male was Owen Wilson. I had not made certain it was him, due to the fact that I constantly assumed he ‘d be a whole lot taller. It was type of warming to see just how fired up he was to be there in the crowds.

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Not me, but my wife. In university she functioned as a trainee at a nonprofit that was doing some job at a regional performance place, and while she remained in the structure doing points this older gent struck up a discussion with her. He introduced himself as Justin, and she commented concerning a family members member who shares the name so it would be easy to bear in mind. They talked for some time about arbitrary points, the kind of work she was doing, her goals after leaving university, etc. He asked if she was staying around for the performance later, and she responded that she wasn’t a follower of the band and also was going to head out as quickly as her job there was done. He wished her well and strolled off. A short while later on a person asked her, “so you and Justin seemed to click, what were you two discussing?”

“Oh, simply random stuff, why who is he?”

“The diva and guitar player for the Moody Blues.”

“… aaaand I just told him I wasn’t a follower of his work.”

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Used to operate at an opulent hotel and also we had wedding event there all the time. I was quite young at the time, say 15.

David Tennant went to one wedding event, Physician fucking Who as well as I was pouring him coffee.

At first I was sat there thinking is he/isn’t he so I was playing it trendy. I returned to the kitchen area to top up extra coffee in my coffee jug and the team were speaking about it also before choosing it really was David Tennant.

Spent the remainder of the night playing it trendy since I was in that yeah whatever stage of teenage life. Inside I was freaking out.

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I fulfilled Justin Timberlake as well as had no concept it was him up until someone informed me later on. Went to a basketball video game with my papa and we dropped in the bar location in the sector initially. The game had just begun so it was pretty vacant except for bench itself. My father goes to the restroom as well as I stalk the bar to buy a beer. There’s just one seat at the bar beside a person in a baseball cap and also sunglasses. I politely ask if the seat is taken and also he just claims “no way, it’s all you, male.” We fire the shit for a pair minutes. He’s resting on my right and at some point he claims he and his partner are mosting likely to most likely to their seats. He expands his hand as well as asks my name. I inform him as well as ask his name. He says, “Justin. Nice to fulfill you dude, have a good night.”

He as well as his spouse leave and also the bartender comes near me as well as claims, “You understand that was Justin Timberlake, right?”

I immediately did a dual take and could not believe I didn’t recognize him despite the hat as well as sunglasses. I told my girlfriend at the time who was a big Justin Timberlake follower as well as she couldn’t think I satisfied him without knowing it was him. She wouldn’t allow it go for like a month.

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Unsure if this counts yet when I was 15 I was actually into playing Starcraft (being a 3 month old video game at the time) on battle.net. I did primarily 3v3 video games. After finishing this set particularly legendary match (close game, we won), all of us got involved in a chatroom to discuss just how fun that was. Iirc, one of them says something to the result of “uncertain if you all treatment however you just beat Ben Affleck.” Of course most of us ask him to verify it, so he informed us to wait a minute and also see his main site’s message board (benaffleck.com or something like that). He had actually simply made a post in red (red being Ben Affleck himself) about just losing a game of Starcraft.

We quickly chatted with him as well as that was it.

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Regarding 5 years ago my daddy was in LA for organisation and also got involved in the lift of his hotel to head down to among his conferences. When he obtained in, he instantly identified a big, fabulous, hall-of-fame LA Laker standing alongside him. Typically, my dad would never state anything but also for some factor felt forced to introduce himself. He protruded his hand as well as stated, “Shaq, it’s nice to satisfy ya.” He right away recognized he messed up and also the individual reacted, “I’m Magic Johnson yet it behaves to fulfill you as well.” The previously owned shame is genuine.