We may need to seriously consider the idea that we are in a simulation because 2020—somehow—just got about ten times weirder. Aside from the pandemic and all of the year’s other momentous events, public safety officials in Utah say they’ve just discovered a “metal monolith” way out in the middle of the desert. And it legitimately looks like the monoliths from 2001: A Space Odyssey and is of completely unknown origin.

Utah DPS

Team members of the Utah Department of Public Safety’s Aero Bureau discovered the monolith on November 18 of this year. The public safety officials told CNET they spotted the object while conducting a count of big horn sheep in the southeastern portion of the state; they were in a helicopter, and only a single member originally spotted it.

After eyeing the monolith, the public safety officials landed and proceeded to investigate. In the images below, it’s easy to see how the sharp, silver monolith stands out against its red, rocky backdrop. The public safety officials say it’s approximately 12 feet tall, and stuck firmly into the ground; meaning it wasn’t dropped from some type of aircraft.

Utah DPS

As for what the monolith actually is, apparently nobody has an outstanding explanation. It seems the best guess is it’s a rogue art installation—likely consciously inspired by 2001—or perhaps a practical joke.

Although if it is either an installation or joke, it’s certainly a fantastic, albeit totally illegal, one. Not only did someone plant the monolith in the land, but they did so where literally nobody but officials go. In fact, the monolith’s location is so remote, officials say if individuals were to attempt to visit the area, there’s a significant possibility they’d become stranded and require rescue. (Hence the reason they’re keeping the object’s location a secret.)

The @UtahDPS helicopter was assisting the @UtahDWR in counting bighorn sheep in remote southern Utah Wednesday when the crew encountered something entirely ‘out of this world’…@KSL5TV #KSLTV #Utah

Photojournalist: @Photog_Steve5 pic.twitter.com/f8P0fayDIS

— Andrew Adams (@AndrewAdamsKSL) November 21, 2020

Moving forward, it’s unclear what kind of analysis public officials now want to conduct. The press release the agency put out is understandably brief, and doesn’t mention the thought of say, smashing the monolith open. Or attempting to figure out if it can initiate evolution amongst primates. But the officials don’t seem fazed by the discovery.

“We were kind of joking around that if one of us suddenly disappears, then…the rest of us make a run for it,” Aero Bureau pilot Brett Hutchins says in the video immediately above. He added that he’s assuming “some new wave artist” is behind the piece. Although, that description kind of describes the “Firstborn,” right?

Utah DPS

Hopefully, this monolith is just a joke but anything is possible at this point, right? 2020 isn’t quite over yet so we are fully prepared for strange and possibly otherworldly happenings.

Feature image: Utah DPS

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