• 2019 was a big year for natural appeal.

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At the start of the year, Kesha exposed her face has plenty of freckles.

“This year my resolution is to love myself,”the singer wrote on Twitter. “Simply as I am, all f —— up as well as incomplete as well as whatever else. And also to let my freckles liiiiiiiive.”

A few days later on, Sarah Michelle Gellar complied with suit.

The”Buffy the Vampire Slayer “starlet took the picture after exercising, creating: “This picture is #nomakeup #nofilter as well as probably the last time I will be upright for the remainder of the week.”

Alicia Keys revealed her glowing skin at the 2019 Grammy Awards in February.

She coupled her minimal-makeup look with simple jewelry and a red Armani dress for the Grammys.

Lena Headey made use of Instagram to showcase her makeup-free skin that exact same month.

After publishing the makeup-free video to her Instagram story, she later shared a screenshot of messages she would certainly received from critics online. She wrote: “I will remain to not use make up. Go f– your self.”

Girl Gaga revealed her all-natural skin after attending the 2019 Oscars in February.

In spite of do without makeup in 2019, Girl Gaga burglarized the elegance industry that very same year, releasing her cosmetics line Haus Laboratories.

The picture over was relatively taken before the star participated in the 2019 Oscars, where she wore a 141-year-old diamond locket from Tiffany & & Co.

. In March, Lana Del Rey showcased her natural look online.

She went along with the photo with a lengthy poem.

Kim Kardashian West additionally utilized Instagram in March to share a video clip of herself without makeup.

She likewise utilized the video to reveal that she was experiencing a psoriasis flare-up at the time, composing “psoriasis face” throughout the screen. Psoriasis is a skin problem which triggers red, flaky patches across the skin– most commonly on the elbows and also knees.

Like her child, Kris Jenner showcased her makeup-free skin on Instagram.

Jenner shared the image in March, and included the hashtags “#nomakeup” and “#nofilter” in the subtitle.

After an exercise in March, Carrie Underwood shared a selfie online.

In the inscription of her photo, she wrote:”When your face matches your t-shirt=you had an excellent workout! Unless your t-shirt is blue– then maybe you ought to be worried!”

Kate Beckinsale published a barefaced selfie in April.

She made use of the Latin phrase” Mens sana in corpore sano “as the caption of her photo. It’s usually translated to suggest “a healthy mind in a healthy body.”

Ciara opened about liking her natural appearance that same month.

On Instagram, the musician described her photo as being “vulnerable” since she wore no make-up or expansions while taking it.

“My elegance marks as well as all,” Ciara wrote. “The actual me– and I love it. Embracing myself totally! It really feels excellent.”

Christina Anstead required to Instagram in May with before-and-after images complying with a transformation.

Underneath her photos, lots of fans commented that she “looks lovely” with as well as without makeup.

Marisol Nichols shared some skin-care pointers beneath a photo of her bare face in June.

” Tidy and fresh, “she created on Instagram.”No make-up confidence.” Nichols likewise labelled Kate Somerville Skin Treatment, as well as used the #lasergenesisfacial hashtag.

Heidi Klum isn’t terrified to go makeup-free online.

While filming an Amazon Prime program in June, Klum documented her hair as well as makeup process on Instagram.

Jessica Biel shared a makeup-free selfie in August to urge “self love.”

Biel claimed in the subtitle of her message that she was inspired by model and also actor Kate Upton to do without make-up.

Jennifer Lopez looked glowing without make-up in a YouTube video from that same month.

The musician’s YouTube video was an aesthetic diary of her “It’s My Event” worldwide scenic tour. It consisted of clips of her swimming with her children, traveling, and also executing all over the globe.

Sarah Jessica Parker went barefaced while socializing with her pal Andy Cohen.

Cohen shared a selfie of himself and Parker on Instagram, composing “Magic Hour, Magic Lady.”

In August, Ariel Winter months dropped make-up to play with puppies.

In the subtitle of her article, Winter season encouraged people to take into consideration adopting the pet dogs she ‘d had fun with.

Jada Pinkett Smith utilized a simple inscription below her makeup-free selfie this year.

” Great Morning, “she wrote on Instagram, complied with by

a sunlight emoji. Bella Thorne invested a lot of 2019 sharing makeup-free photos online.

In September, the multihyphenate celebrity shared three photos of herself relatively without make-up. The images were come with by a messaged concerning “falling in love.”

In September, Miley Cyrus presented with her animal while apparently not putting on make-up.

The photos she published on Instagram were taken outdoors as she rode a boat.

Kelly Ripa went with the no-makeup look while taking a selfie in October.

She shared the selfie, which likewise included among her stylists, on Instagram.

Yara Shahidi shared a barefaced selfie as a pointer “to not sweat the details.”

She shared the photo on Instagram in November, and included that she’s “devoted to enjoy” her skin “in every as well as all states.”

“With traveling + work + 24/7 in makeup, I have to actively remind myself to not sweat the details (also known as the acnes) and reframe it as a reminder to make certain I’m caring for myself,” she wrote.

Tracee Ellis Ross shared her appeal keys– that include abandoning foundation — in November.

She showed up makeup-free in a Vogue video clip labelled “Tracee Ellis Ross’s Overview to Curly Hair.”

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