The best performers are able to fully transform themselves into whatever role or persona they choose, which means their true personality is often a mystery. Are they truly as charismatic and sparkly as they seem, or is there a rude and less appealing truth off the stage and beyond the lights?

Obviously, celebrities are complex human beings with a million different feelings and moods, and expecting someone to always act above reproach simply because they’re famous is both unrealistic and unfair. Still, it’s only natural to feel curious about the undocumented nature of a famous person you admire.

Dating someone is one of the most intense and intimate ways to discover someone’s true nature – for better or worse. So, when someone has a dating history with a beloved celebrity, it’s only natural for curious voyeurs to gather around.

To this very point, in a recent Reddit thread, “normal” people who have dated celebrities or known someone who dated a celebrity shared their stories.

1. has nothing but nice feelings about Leonardo DiCaprio.

Not a romantic date in the least, but I had dinner once at a Japanese restaurant (in a group setting) with Leonardo DiCaprio while he was in Louisiana filming Django Unchained. He wanted to know what college was like and was asking us all about our lives. He also let me try his udon. It was my first ever Instagram post! He really is such a nice guy in the limelight and in real life- it felt like we were hanging out with our friend.

2. got cock blocked by Mick Jones.

My uncle hooked me up to see Foreigner in 1981, including 2 backstage passes. I took a girl I really liked but she ended up meeting Mick Jones and disappearing with him into a dressing room. I didn’t see her again that night. So I guess you could say I got f*cked by Mick Jones.

Edit: Her side of the story was that she went with him into another room where people were drinking and smoking, and he ignored her after that. She said she stayed there 20 minutes, then left and couldn’t find me, and I had ditched her. So just to be clear, I’m not accusing Mick of doing anything inappropriate. That’s her story and her mother believed it enough to call my mother to complain about it, so yeah that’s what musta happened.

3. ‘s English teacher went on a date with Mark Hamill before he blew up.

I had an English teacher that went on a date with Mark Hamill just after filming Star Wars in the 70’s. She said he was a nice guy and was very humble, he said he was a small time actor and said he had just finished a new movie that he thought might be successful. They only went out once and she never heard from him again. Saw him in Star Wars a few months later and had her mind blown.

4. ‘s dad has a grudge with Matthew McConaughey.

Not me, but my aunt dated Matthew Mcconaughey before he was famous. He ended up getting invited to her wedding to my “normal” uncle, and proceeded to pass out drunk in the back of my family’s car. He refused to leave, and now my dad refuses to watch his movies!

5. ‘s aunt ate pickles on the beach with Jimmy Buffett.

My Aunt went on a date with Jimmy Buffett. She said he picked her up, stopped at a gas station, bought a jar of pickles and then drove to the beach. They ate pickles and he took her home.

6. ‘s uncle dated the singer Pink.

Not me, but my uncle dated the singer pink in high school for a little while. They went to Central bucks in Pennsylvania. Pretty neat funfact but it always feels a little awkward when someone brings it up at gatherings because he is happily married now. This is also why I don’t have any stories to share lol.

Apparently she was super chill and down to earth. My uncle was the type of kid to create napalm in his backyard and set the neighbors pool on fire, etc, so I’ve always imagined she probably acted similar at the time, but I could be way wrong.

7. ‘s aunt hooked up with David Hasselhoff before moving on to women.

My wife’s aunt f*cked David Hasselhoff 30 odd years ago. (She worked in the television industry).

She is now a lesbian lol

8. ‘s friend’s aunt enjoyed supper with Gerard Butler.

My friend’s aunt went on a blind date with Gerard Butler, circa 300(the movie, not the year). There was a big miscommunication, because he was looking for a hookup and she’s a kindly French-Canadian woman in her fifties, but they both had a laugh about it and enjoyed supper with each other. She said he was very kind, and very muscular.

9. was almost Keanu Reeves’ son.

My mom dated Keanu Reeves back in high school. She broke up with him because he was too focused on his band with his friends at the time.

If only…

10. ‘s aunt has a few stories.

My aunt was in an off again on again “relationship” with David Bowie. She was probably about 20 years younger than him. But he first saw her at a party in LA and a woman came up to her and asked her if she wanted to meet David. He would put in her shoes and dance around. She said it was very sad to watch him throughout the years as he became addicted to cocaine.

She was also on the 1980 playboy cover with Steve Martin, they went out for drinks a few times after that and said he was mostly shy and very quiet. she had a signed copy from him that said “Thanks Amy, for you know what”

11. ‘s aunt was married to Van Morrison.

My aunt was married to Van Morrison briefly. Here they are together on this album artwork. No interesting stories that I could remember. They were in love but he was always gone so it didn’t work out. I was told that he would play guitar for the fam on Christmas get togethers.

12. has only heard good things about Harrison Ford.

My friend’s sister in law was out jogging when some other random dude came up and jogged with her and talked with her about random stuff like the movie being filmed nearby at the time for a bit. After a bit of that, he said, “Oh, by the way, I hope you like the movie.” They were filming The Force Awakens and she only realized later that it was Harrison Ford.

13. got down with a soap opera star.

Hooked up with a chick who was in a soap opera a few times. Didn’t know it at the time but recognized her when I was at my grandmother’s and she had her show playing.

14. has a few stories to boot.

Not dated for any of these stories, but semi related:

My mom went to a party with Janis Joplin. She said she was wild, funny, but crude, and smelled like she hadn’t showered or brushed her teeth in weeks. Janis Joplin died not long after.

I went to university in West Chester, PA. Seeing Bam Margera, Ryan Dunn, and crew was a relatively common sight. The first time I saw them was the same night I got the call from my parents telling me that my family dog was put down (very old, very sick). My friends took me out drinking and we ran into Bam and crew. Bam asked why I was down and when I told him he bought my drinks for the rest of the night. I went out bar hopping with them a few times after that. They were nice, but wild. Could never quite prepare myself for a night out with them. Ryan was as kind as could be and absolutely hilarious.

15. has a good feeling about their relationship with John Krasinski.

John Krasinski liked my Venmo donation to his charity so it’s basically like we’re dating.

16. ‘s old English teacher is pals with the lead singer of System of a Down.

My old english teacher is good friends with Serj Tankian (lead singer of System of a Down) and she always talked about having coffee with him and I’m still jealous to this day.

17. ‘s friend’s great great grandma dated Joseph Stalin.

I have a friend who’s great great grandma was in a relationship with Joseph Stalin

Edit: She ran off to America with another man

18. had a great time with Paris Hilton.

Probably too late for this – BUT…

About 15 years ago, when the show “The Simple Life,” with Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie was popular I made out with Paris Hilton at a night club in Baltimore.

Essentially, they were filming them doing all sorts of random jobs around the country and staying with local families all for the culture clash laughs. One of those families ended up being my friend and her family.

Being a close friend; and a well known admirer of Paris at the time, I was invited over and got to hang with her and Nicole Richie a good amount while they were in town. Both of them were super sweet, and a lot smarter than they played for the camera.

Paris was a great kisser and this story is always a hit with my friends. A few months later, her phone was hacked and nudes were leaked. My number was in her phone book and I got spammed with prank calls from 4Chan, or something. I imagine it was a lot worse for anyone who was actually famous. Anyhow, basically lost total contact after that. But still a fun story!

19. hears Armie Hammer’s memory isn’t too keen.

My college roommates’ cousin(I believe) went on a date (maybe multiple dates) with Armie Hammer before he blew up in “The Social Network” and apparently he forgot all about the date(s) they went on and when he tried to re-introduce himself to her at another encounter, she said something along the lines of “I know….we used to date.” Pretty sure the guy is married now.

20. almost dated Fabio.

A few years ago I was getting on a flight back to San Diego after my cousins wedding. I was very hungover and judging people as I walked to my gate.

I see this long haired man stride by me in a purple button down and think.. whose this cupcake. (Not a sexuality comment just a shirt color comment). As he walks by I realize… holy sh*t that’s Fabio!

A bit later after getting a snack, my brazen and probably still drunk self saw him sitting at his gate and just sat down next to him. I look away, then right at him and say…”you’re ummm Fabio” and he says so cooly, “yes I am” and shakes my hand.

We proceeded to talk for 30 minutes until he had to leave. He was so intelligent! Discussed cancer therapies in depth, and I recall thinking, “just nod and smile Fabio is way smarter than you just nod and smile”. Before leaving he asked for my number and texted me the next day for a date. Nothing ever came of it but I still have his number in my phone.

Ps my dad followed up for weeks to make sure I wasn’t dating “the man on every romance novel cover”

21. ‘s wife dated Louis CK.

My wife briefly dated Louis CK back in 2012. She says it seems kind of awful to be famous. Any time they went out to eat or were in public they were just constantly interrupted or stared at. He came to her bday party at some little bowling alley in Brooklyn though and was pretty cool. The story that always sticks with me is that one day he went out and bought a $150,000 watch because he felt sad.

22. ‘s mom had a dinner date with George Clooney.

My mom had a dinner date with George Clooney in the 90’s. She didn’t really say much apart from the fact that he’s an interesting and charismatic guy but she honestly didn’t think he was going to blow up.

23. ‘s friend hooked up with Matthew McConaughey.

A friend of mine banged Matthew McConaughey. She’s a costumer in Hollywood and was hanging out in the bar at chateau marmont when Matt comes up to her and says “how bout you and me walked 30 feet and get naked.”

Her initial response was “lol no” but by the end of the night her friends convinced her she had to do it. This was peak 2000s Matt when he was ripped and constantly shirtless.

So she went up to his room at the hotel and they banged. Apparently it was sweaty, mostly from behind, and he preferred to watch them (mostly him) in the mirror.

Same girl also dated McGee from NCIS, but apparently he was a total sweetheart.

24. ‘s mom got dumped by Sting.

My mom lived in Key West in the early-mid 80’s. She dated Sting for a while. He had a really nice yatch and they went on a sailing trip during which he realized my mom is psycho (she is). He ended it right after. Sometimes to fuck with my Dad I’ll start singing Roxanne or Message in a Bottle.

25. ‘s friend’s mom partied with Lady Gaga.

A family friend’s mom went clubbing with Lady Gaga. Afterwords, Gaga asked if she knew who she was. Friend’s mom had no idea.

26. ‘s cousin got hit on by Shaq.

My cousin was hit on by Shaq at a festival. When she pointed out that he was married, he allegedly said “I’m Muslim. I’m allowed to have many wives…”