Botanical gardens are usually not the reason why people travel to foreign countries. However, these three gardens are so magical and unique that every person who loves plants and nature is going to want to travel just to see them.

Jardin Majorelle — Marrakech, Morocco

Created by French artist Jacques Majorelle, this mysterious and enchanting place attracts more than 900,000 visitors every year. Giant cacti and palms combined with unique architecture and vibrant blue buildings are what make this magnificent botanical garden the most visited place in Morocco.

Blue Mountains Botanic Garden — Mount Tomah, Australia

Located only 100 kilometers from Sydney, this botanical garden is the perfect place to enjoy nature and escape busy city life. Its cool-climate, fresh air and unique Australian wildlife are what attract tourists from around the world to come and enjoy this place.

Las Pozas, or better known as Jardín Escultórico de Edward James, is a one-of-a-kind garden located in the thick jungles of Mexico. This surreal sculpture garden is where art and nature meet and interact and it was created by Edward James, a British poet and collector of surrealist art.