The legend says, women in the deserted regions immersed their feet in the henna paste to keep themselves cool. When the mehndi started to fade away, it left beautiful patterns on the sole of the feet. Consider this as an inspiration for these magnificent mehndi designs on the sole of the foot. These mehndi designs for sole of the foot are both intricate and effortless. Ranging from Indian jaal pattern to Moroccan geometrics. This sole mehndi is suitable for various occasions. So don’t shilly-shally and get your mehndi cones ready.

Brides, take notes for this trendsetting element on your D-day! Wedding look is just incomplete without a grand mehndi design. Why flaunt those beautiful designs on just hands and legs? This sole mehndi design is sure to satisfy your soul. This quirky element will totally uplift your look. If you’re still wondering how would this sole mehndi turn out, have a good look on these sole mehndi designs. Don’t forget to bookmark your favorites!

Mehndi Designs For Sole of Foot

1. Save the Date on my Sole

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What an unique and fun way to add quirk to your photoshoots. This is such a cool idea for the wedding invite that everyone would remember. Use this sole mehndi idea to jazz up your pre-wedding photoshoot. Design it using your names or wedding hashtag or your favorite couple picture. Expert mehndi artists can do it all.

2. The Fierce Queen

This sole mehndi design is for your inner goddess. The prominent lion face is sure to resonate with your bold and fierce personality. It includes fine details that make this pattern stand out. The Indian floral patterns are sheer beauty. This elegant sole mehndi design is perfect for bride-to-be.

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3. Graceful Arabic Sole Mehndi Design

What a precise sole mehndi design! This Arabic bold leaf pattern looks absolutely stunning on the feet. Brides who wish for minimum yet elegant mehndi designs, this is your pick. It includes all basic Arabic mehndi elements. You can put on some sleek anklet and flaunt your feet well.

4. Floral Jaal Mehndi Design

The extended floral motif on the toe sole gives the dreamcatcher illusion. The mehndi design is divided into two patterns. The ankle region is a basic jaal pattern and the other pattern is filled with floral motifs. This can be a hit for the wedding or teej festival.

5. Spiral Jaal Sole henna Design

These are similar patterns with slight variations. The toe sole remains same with dotted flower motif. The upper region of the sole is replaced by spiral motifs. It is a minimal design with a lot of free space. The ankle is filled with jaal pattern that you can also extend upto your calf muscles. Brides wouldn’t want to miss this design. It is also apt for soon to be mommies on baby shower function.

6. Caught In The Net

Feeling trapped? This is an all-over net mehndi design that will surely trap you in it’s beauty. Every simple design that you can DIY! The jaal pattern is bordered by extensive spiral design. This is a basic design that will suit everyone on any occasion.

7. Alluring Rose Mehndi Design

A chic mehndi design for the fashionista in you. A lovely rose outshining the fishnet, what an appealing sight! The dotted net design adds to the grace of finely shaded rose motif surrounded by mini flowers. This one is totally for the millennial bride.

8. Arabic Beauty

We can’t take our eyes off this heavenly design! All the elements are so well designed and strategically placed. A perfect blend of paisley, floral and leaf motifs. Also, we can’t believe that’s a man’s foot! But, ladies you have to have this design on your sole.

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9. Bold Floral Henna For Sole

This sole henna is all you need to keep your cool this summer! This is a bold fully shaded floral henna design that will surely aid wedding jitters for the brides. Also, summer is just another reason to casually apply henna and keep the temperature low.

10. Arabic Floral Sole Henna Design

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This henna design has spectacular lotus blooming in the slush. This completely filled mehndi design for sole has exquisite lotus motifs. This is suitable for roka or engagement functions of the bride-to-be.

11. Garden Under My Feet

This design looks straight out of a garden! It consists of impressive floral motifs and vine leaves beautifully spread all over the sole of the feet. Isn’t this a charming design for the bridesmaid?

12. Stylish Floral Bouquet Mehndi Design

This henna design has your toe sole covered in spiral motifs that looks just so satisfying. The pleasing floral patterns are spread across the sole that look no less than a delightful bouquet. This henna style can be pulled off well on festivals like Eid and Teej.

13. Majestic Sole Mehndi Design

This sole henna looks absolutely Royal! It is a gorgeous combination of Indian jaal and Arabic floral patterns. 100% recommended for brides on their D-day. Add those silver payals to perfect the look.

14. Creative Henna For Sole Of The Foot

The sole is divided into three sections that consists different patterns. The traditional jaal followed by fantastic flowers and abstract motifs. Who would not want to decorate their feet like this?

15. Flower Filled Sole Henna

Ahh. What a floral feet! For someone who loves all things floral, you cannot miss this sole mehndi design for your feet. A filled design rich with a variety of flowers totally adorns the feet. Suitable for bridal mehndi or any festival post wedding in the first year.

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16. Checkmate!

This colored check mehndi design looks absolutely classic on the sole. The empty white space adds to the beauty of the design and it looks as pretty as a picture. This design can be easily pulled of by anyone of any age. A statement anklet will look just gorgeous with this henna.

17. Bangle Style Sole Henna

You must have seen bangle henna design on hands only till date, but this is something totally new and appealing. It has a combination of dots, leaves, checks, flowers and motifs. The exceptional detailing delightfully decorates the soles of the feet.

18. Mandala Design For Sole Henna

A mandala design always looks stunning. Is that your favorite too? Comment and let us know! This design is totally majestic. It includes fine details on the mandala pattern and on contrary to the regular design, it follows an inverted pattern. A must try for newly weds.

19. Vineyards On My Sole

These vineyards are super easy and appealing. If you wanna try something creative in your free time, you should definitely do this. This a basic yet elegant design that you will love.

20. Sole Blossom

For the ones who don’t like much pomp and show, here’s a simply pretty sole henna design. It has easy to make flower patterns that look delightful.

21. Floral Fusion Henna Design

Who doesn’t like dark rich henna design? Vine leaf pattern is simple but always uplifts any henna design. This sole henna design is suitable for the girls who can’t apply henna due to school or work.

22. Floral Paradise

How many flowers are too many flowers!? Mehndi designs are just incomplete without a flower motif. Flower motifs on the toe look just so cute.

23. Bridal Sole Henna Design

Feet henna is a must for brides. Brides usually opt for filled Mehndi patterns for a darker stain. This sole henna design is perfect for bridal mehndi.

24. Half Moon Henna For Sole

This henna design is a pure artistic beauty. The moon pattern extends into an artistic flower with perspective. The exquisite mandala pattern perfectly complements the henna design. No girl would like to miss out this sole mehndi design.

25. Modern Chic Sole Henna

This henna design feels so fresh! A modern combination of basic henna patterns. This is totally gorgeous. Look at how creative the artist is! All you millennials are gonna love this basic chic design.

26. Elegant Mehndi Design

This is a classic and elegant Mehndi Art with a beautiful chain of leaf-like structure in the centre and creative jaali work all around it.  You do need to try this artistic piece.

27. Moroccan Mehndi Design For Sole

Moroccan Mehndi Art is all about geometric patterns and this is a perfect example of it. The geometric moon pattern looks like a pie out of cake. Even the geometric patterns include beautiful detailing.

28. Eye-catching Mehndi Design

This henna design is literally eye-catching! Truly, Mehndi Art is not just any other body tattoo. The Mehndi Artists have evolved with the mehndi design in today’s time. You do need to try this artistic piece.

29. Geometry Fetish

This is a pleasing amalgamation of geometric patterns. It has squares, triangles, circles and what not? This design is so satisfying. If you put it on, you might just spend your day admiring your feet.

30. Geometric Pattern For Sole Henna

Flowers and Geometrics? Hell yes! This is a sublime combination of two most prominent henna styles. It turns out to be simply charming. For sure, one of our favorites!

31. Minimalist Sole Mehndi Design

If you’re still shying away or have lil feet, try this minimum mehndi design. This bel pattern is done on the edges of sole of the foot. This will look lovely on your baby girl’s feet.

32. Mini Mandala Details On Sole Henna

How cute is this tiny mandala on the edges!? A quirky pattern for the sole edges that is completely easy on the eyes. Young girls will fall in love with this pattern.

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33. Hamsa Mehndi Design

Hamsa pattern has been much in vogue now but, it has been used for ages. It is mostly used in jewelry and wall hangings as a defense against evil eye. So why not protect yourself when beginning a new phase of your life? Brides, this is a stylish way to get traditions right.

We hope you’ve bookmarked your favorite designs. Also, do let us know in the comments below which one are you going to try this wedding season. For more updates, stay tuned to K4 Fashion.

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