Police officers seized over $300,000 in imitation makeup from the midtown Los Angeles location previously today, the Los Angeles Police Division stated.

“Please buy from an authorized retailer,” LAPD Captain Lillian Carranza claimed on Twitter Thursday while sharing images of the stacks of confiscated cosmetic products.

The makeup, which originated from China, was discovered in a store as well as included phony MAC and Kylie Cosmetics lip kits, which have come to be a regular find on the make-up black market.

In 2018, an LAPD job force visited 21 locations in the Los Angeles Style District’s Santee Alley as well as seized about $700,000 in fake cosmetics that were found to contain high degrees of microorganisms, human waste and also animal feces.

The bust followed brand-name firms obtained grievances from customers that claimed they had bumps and also rashes after utilizing items purchased from the location.

“Previous test of counterfeit make-up revealed animal feces and chemicals that can be harmful to your health,” Carranza said after the most current seizure.

No arrests were made in connection with Thursday’s bust, according to the captain.

City officials have long advised customers versus using counterfeit and also untried make-up as well as facial lotions.

In 2014, a Tulare Region lady was jailed on suspicion of smuggling in skin lotions having hazardous levels of mercury and after that marketing them on Facebook.

The FBI has said that the quantity of fake cosmetics and also fragrances entering the UNITED STATE is on the rise, as well as screening discovered that the phony items can have unsafe chemicals like arsenic, beryllium, cadmium or even DEHP, a potential carcinogen.

The company told consumers they can prevent acquiring the fake products by checking to see if the packaging differs somewhat from that of the authentic brand, checking whether the product’s consistency or structure does not feel right or see if it’s being promoted as a “restricted version.”

The price is also an indicator.

Marked down products located online or at flea markets and also shopping center kiosks are likely counterfeit, the FBI stated.

Greater than 72% of worldwide trade-related counterfeiting comes from China alone and also sellers are progressively moving online, according to 2016 record by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

Your CCD Copyright Crimes Unit recovered over $300,000.00 in counterfeit product from #DTLA area. Please buy from an authorized store. Previous examination of imitation makeup reveled animal feces and chemicals that can be hazardous to your health and wellness. #safetyfirst pic.twitter.com/otmAJf8OE1

— Lillian L. Carranza🇺🇸 (@LAPDCARRANZA) January 9, 2020