On Wednesday, the Recording Academy made its much-anticipated announcement of the 62nd class of Grammy Awards nominees, set to be awarded Jan. 26, 2020. The annual music awards honor outstanding music across genres and disciplines in 84 categories, from song of the year through best world music album, classical composers and your favorite artists, tracks and albums in pop, country, rap, rock and more.

This year, the Grammy nominees, lead by Lizzo with eight nominations, include nearly 40 artists who have been open about living with a mental health issue, chronic illness or disability. When celebrities use their platform to share their health journey, they help destigmatize living with a complicated condition or disability and make it easier for others to speak up and reach out for help.

To celebrate the artists who make a difference for those living with health conditions, here are 38 Grammy nominees open about their health:

1. Bon Iver

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Posted by Bon Iver on Saturday, October 5, 2019

Bon Iver is an indie folk band fronted by musician Justin Vernon. Nominated for several Grammys this year, including Album of the Year for “i,i,” Vernon shared the album was inspired in part by his anxiety.

“I’ve never had [anxiety] before, [I] never quite understood what it could do to people. It really got me. I was stunned by it,” Vernon said on an episode of Annie Mac’s Radio 1 show. “That’s sort of the story [of the record] for me… [It’s about] getting through some tough times and getting to a point where you can feel vulnerable and grateful.”

Bon Iver is nominated for record of the year, album of the year and best alternative music album.

2. Billie Eilish

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On the strength of her hit song “Bad Guy,” Billie Eilish broke onto the music scene swinging, all the while speaking candidly about living with Tourette’s syndrome, mental and her self-harm history.

“I’m finally not miserable,” Eilish told Elle. “Two years ago, I felt like nothing mattered; every single thing was pointless. Not just in my life, but everything in the whole world. I was fully clinically depressed. It’s insane to look back and not be anymore.”

Eilish is nominated for record of the year, album of the year, song of the year, best new artist, best pop solo performance and best pop vocal album.

3. Ariana Grande

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the love of my life

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“Thank U, Next” singer Ariana Grande has shared in interviews and on social media about living with mental health issues like depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

“[Anxiety is] just in your head and that’s just so crazy how powerful it is — no matter how good things are, it can totally change everything,” Grande previously told the BBC. “It takes hard work and practice and therapy and self-care and so much love.”

lmaoaoo this is funny as fuck but in all honesty therapy has saved my life so many times. if you’re afraid to ask for help, don’t be. u don’t have to be in constant pain & u can process trauma. i’ve got a lot of work to do but it’s a start to even be aware that it’s possible. ???? https://t.co/XiytR3xE0O

— Ariana Grande (@ArianaGrande) November 5, 2018

Grande is nominated for record of the year, album of the year, best pop solo performance, best pop duo/group performance and best pop vocal album.

4. Khalid

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Khalid, the artist behind the now-Grammy-nominated hit “Talk,” shared on social media that he struggles with his mental health and anxiety.

“For the past few days I’ve been feeling very down about a lot of shit, and i just wanna let u know that if you struggle with any illness, I feel you,” Khalid tweeted in 2017. “It gets better.”

I’m not feeling the best rn and my anxiety is super bad, love u guys

— Khalid (@thegreatkhalid) December 16, 2017

Khalid is nominated for record of the year.

5. Lizzo

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He betta know my worth, there’s so much that I deserve… but I ain’t worried now ima let my hair down he been trying it but not today ☁️????????

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The top nominee for this year’s Grammys, “Truth Hurts” singer Lizzo said she struggles with anxiety and body image issues due to a lack of larger-sized bodies in the media.

“When I get really, really anxious before a show, I just go harder and harder and harder when I’m performing and I just go crazy,” Lizzo told British Vogue, adding:

I don’t know why, but my anxiety sometimes fuels who I am as a performer and who I am as an artist. I don’t know if my body just, like, out of a desperate need to find a place for my anxiety or find a use for it, takes it and puts it there.

Lizzo is nominated for record of the year, album of the year, song of the year, best new artist, best pop solo performance, best R&B performance, best traditional R&B performance and best urban contemporary album.

6. Lana Del Rey

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The queen of “Summertime Sadness” Lana Del Rey shared in 2014 she was struggling with a chronic condition that doctors couldn’t diagnose, which also took a toll on her mental health.

“I’d been sick on tour for about two years with this medical anomaly that doctors couldn’t figure out,” Del Rey told the Fader. “That’s a big part of my life: I just feel really sick a lot of the time and can’t figure out why. … It was just heavy.”

Del Rey is nominated for album of the year and song of the year.

7. Lady Gaga

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Lady Gaga, who earned her Grammys nods this year for “A Star Is Born,” lives with fibromyalgia and mental health conditions, including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after surviving sexual assault.

“I get so irritated with people who don’t believe fibromyalgia is real,” Gaga told Vogue in 2018. She added:

For me, and I think for many others, it’s really a cyclone of anxiety, depression, PTSD, trauma, and panic disorder, all of which sends the nervous system into overdrive, and then you have nerve pain as a result. People need to be more compassionate. Chronic pain is no joke. And it’s every day waking up not knowing how you’re going to feel.

Gaga is nominated for song of the year, best compilation soundtrack for visual media and best song written for visual media.

8. Jack Antonoff

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off day on tour feeling by @anthonypham

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A prolific producer, singer and songwriter, Jack Antonoff shared in previous interviews he struggled with his mental health, especially when he was younger.

“Mental illness — we just started having that conversation,” Antonoff told Time. “I see kids now and I’m almost envious of them because there is this conversation. You wake up one day and you don’t want to get out of bed? Maybe you’re not a loser. Maybe you’re not lazy. Maybe you’re depressed. A lot of those things I forgave myself for later in life.”

Antonoff is nominated for album of the year, song of the year and producer of the year, non-classical.

9. Lewis Capaldi

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A breakout star this year thanks to his hit song “Someone You Loved,” Lewis Capaldi uses his platform to raise awareness for others living with mental health conditions. His newest song, “Before You Go,” is a response to his aunt’s death by suicide and the complicated feelings of being a suicide loss survivor.

“‘The song’s kind of, it comes from a place of … it’s about suicide and it’s about not necessarily the act of it itself obviously, but people after it happens, the aftermath of it and people blaming themselves or starting to think, what could I have done to help that person?” Capaldi explained during a recent interview with Zane Lowe.

Capaldi is nominated for song of the year.

10. Nick Jonas (Jonas Brothers)

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14 years ago this month I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. This experience has shaped how I approach my health – working out, eating well, and always thinking about my blood sugar and insulin needs. You can’t always see what goes into managing an invisible illness, and Type 1 diabetes can feel lonely and isolating. That’s why I co-founded @BeyondType1 in 2015, to make sure no one feels alone with this diagnosis and to share how you can thrive with Type 1 diabetes. November is Diabetes Awareness Month – join us at Beyond Type 1 by sharing how diabetes has impacted your life using #TheDropSpotted. I’m so grateful to my fans for your support and kindness!

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Nick Jonas — of the Grammy-nominated Jonas Brothers — lives with type 1 diabetes and advocates for people living with the condition through his nonprofit, Beyond Type 1.

“It’s tough, because it is such an unpredictable disease from day to day,” Jonas told MedLinePlus magazine. “Even when you think you have a really solid grip on how to manage it, there are times that your body just does what it wants. So be patient and don’t get frustrated.”

The Jonas Brothers are nominated for best pop duo/group performance.

11. Shawn Mendes

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Though his song about anxiety, “In My Blood,” got mixed reviews from people who live with anxiety. Shawn Mendes continues to speak about his own struggles and support others living with mental health conditions.

“Talking about the problem, putting it out there, was one of the scariest but most important things I’ve ever done,” Mendes told People. “I still struggle with it but just remember every day that everyone deals with some level of anxiety or pressure; we’re all in it together.”

Mendes is nominated for best pop duo/group performance.

12. Camila Cabello

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I feel it all, I’ll risk it all

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Singer Camila Cabello, who earned a joint Grammy nomination with Mendes for “Señorita,” was diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and encourages others to talk about their mental health as well.

“I have struggled so much in the last few years with anxiety and …. I’ve had to remind myself lately, to be so kind to myself,” Cabello told the audience during a concert. “The person you need to fall in love with the most, the person you need to be kindest to, the person who you need to be most patient with, in love with, is actually you.”

Cabello is nominated for best pop duo/group performance.

13. Andrea Bocelli

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. They have intelligence but they can’t speak to us, instead they choose to love and give themselves unconditionally. As Victor Hugo wrote they remain the truest representation of virtue – virtue that, unable to become man, became animal. . Sanno ma non dicono, scelgono invece di amare e donare se stessi, incondizionatamente… e, come ha scritto Victor Hugo, restano il miglior sinonimo della virtù. Virtù che non potendo farsi uomo, si è fatta animale.

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Known for his rich operatic voice, Andrea Bocelli was born with congenital glaucoma, and had partial vision, before he became completely blind at age 12 after being hit in the head. During a 2010 concert, Bocelli thanked his mom for not having an abortion before he was born, despite pressure from her doctors.

“The doctors had to apply some ice on her stomach and when the treatments ended the doctors suggested that she abort the child,” he said. “Maybe I’m partisan, but I can say that it was the right choice and I hope that this could encourage many mothers who sometimes might find themselves in difficult situations but want to save the life of their baby.”

Bocelli is nominated for best traditional pop vocal album.

14. Ed Sheeran

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No.6 went #1 today and Beautiful People went #1 in the singles chart, which makes it the second #1 from this project. Also been told it’s the fastest selling album of the year here. Great great news, thanks for everyone supporting it ! Love you all xx

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A master of catchy bops like “Shape of You,” Ed Sheeran shared he started struggling with debilitating anxiety once he landed in the spotlight.

“I lost the ability to go to the supermarket and buy a loaf of bread about three years ago,” Sheeran said in a YouTube video. “I get anxiety every day. It creeps up on you. I’ve been working on it for eight years and I closed off from reality.”

Sheeran is nominated for best pop vocal album.

15. Tony Iommi

A big thanks to Glenn Macdonald for building my home studio that’s now in the Home of Metal, he did a great job.

Posted by Tony Iommi on Monday, July 22, 2019

Tony Iommi was a guitarist for the classic rock band Black Sabbath. Now working as a solo artist, Iommi is in remission from lymphoma after being diagnosed with cancer in 2012.

“I was knocked for six when the doctors told me that it was, that it was stage III cancer,” Iommi said in 2016. “It really did change my life as far as what I have to do now. I have to live what life I’ve got because I have been on the road nearly 50 years. I need to be at home more and I need to pay more attention to my friends and family.”

Iommi is nominated for best metal performance.

16. Jesse Leach (Killswitch Engage)

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Metalcore lead singer Jesse Leach of Killswitch Engage was nominated for a metal Grammy this year, revealed he lives with anxiety and depression that he now manages with therapy.

“I realised that anxiety and depression kind of come hand-in-hand with me,” Leach told NME. “I’ll get unbelievably anxious and then, from trying to suppress that I’ll get anxiety attacks, and then after that I want to sleep for days. I was like that for years. I either wanted to sleep or disappear. But when you have a language to put to it — like the doctor did with their diagnosis of me — you start to gain tools and methods in how to deal with it.”

Killswitch Engage is nominated for best metal performance.

17. Matthew Healy (The 1975)

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// M A T T Y C O H O S T – T O D A Y 6 P M G M T // @bbcradio1 @nicholasgrimshaw L O V E bbc.co.uk/radio1

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Matthew Healy, frontman of the Grammy-nominated pop/rock band the 1975, shared in 2018 realized he needed help for his addiction issues as well as how powerful working toward sobriety can be.

“People had started to lose respect for me, but not an irredeemable amount,” Healy told Billboard. “The fact that I knew I was building on something that wasn’t destroying made me feel really strong. Because I knew that one more time and that’s it.”

The 1975 is nominated for best rock song.

18. Oli Sykes (Bring Me The Horizon)

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Bring Me The Horizon is a U.K.-based rock band fronted by Oliver Sykes. Sykes shared during a 2014 event at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum he was now in recovery from addiction, which helped he and his band create better music.

“I was hopeless before,” Sykes said. “This time I’ll be in a much better frame, and the way we write now is a lot faster than we used to. I’m confident we can have a good album.”

Bring Me The Horizon is nominated for best rock album.

19. I Prevail

20. James Blake

21. Bryson Tiller

22. J. Cole

23. Young Thug

24. Chance The Rapper

25. Meek Mill

26. Ashley McBryde

27. Gloria Gaynor

28. Natalie Grant

29. Tasha Cobbs

30. Mark Hall (Casting Crowns)

31. Luke Smallbone (For King & Country)

32. Danny Gokey

33. Zach Williams

34. J Balvin

35. Sara Bareilles

36. Rosanne Cash

37. FKA Twigs

38. David Crosby