A four-year-old Maltese girl with Down syndrome is becoming a champion for inclusion after participating in numerous fashion shows and winning various modeling competitions.

In a recent charity fashion show for models with disabilities, Francesca Rausi expertly walked the runway, smiling and waving at the audience throughout the duration of her turn.

In a clip from the show, the young model can be seen radiating pure happiness as she walked alongside more than 20 other models aged between 4 to 24.

The girl’s mom, Michelle Rausi, 43, feels proud of what her daughter has achieved at such an early age. At a previous international event, she was awarded the ‘Best Cutie Little Model’ prize, shortly after bagging the ‘Best Junior Super Model’ title at the Miss Junior Malta competition.

“Francesca has been modeling since she was very young,” she told Metro UK. “She loves it and was the first toddler in Malta to take part in a modeling competition and won junior top model.”

Francesca shared the runway with someone very much like her – the Australian model Madeline Stuart, known as the world’s first catwalk model with Down’s syndrome. The 23-year-old has been credited for challenging society’s perception of beauty, and Michelle hopes that Francesca can follow in her footsteps.

Michelle said that her daughter dreams of becoming a professional model someday, and she hopes that Francesca’s blossoming career in the industry will help spread the message of inclusion and spread awareness about Down syndrome, the Daily Mail reported.

The youngster’s recent walk in the charity event is already her fifth in a show. Francesca feels “very comfortable” on the runway and recently, she just won the title of Miss Little Christmas. She also won Best Photo in her category. This girl is definitely on a roll!

“I feel very emotional watching her because I see the happiness in her eyes,” Michelle said. “It’s out of this world.”

The organizer of the charity show is Tiziana Randisi, who started the fashion show last year to promote inclusion of people with special needs and to change the perception of those who see disability as a setback.

“Our goal is to create a real inclusion, trying to involve all the different disabilities by breaking down the mental barriers of those who see disability as a limit,” she said. “Instead, we see it and live as a resource and wealth to share.”

Watch the video below to see Francesca walking the runway.

To Francesca and other special individuals like her, may you keep on shining in your own unique ways! If you can’t get enough of Francesca’s cuteness, you may follow her on Instagram.

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