And they lived happily ever after. This is how most of the good old fairy tales ended. A modern-day equivalent of a fairy tale for us would be celebrity couples, Bollywood to be more precise. We expect them to be this epitome of perfection even in their personal lives, including marriage. However, at times, we forget they are human too. And like everyone else, they too can fail in their relationships. Their marriages too can fall apart and cause heartache. However, in what we can call a silver lining in the dark clouds of a divorce is how some of them did not let it affect their children. Here are some of the Bollywood celebrities who ensured their kids had both their parents beside them despite a divorce:

1. Aamir Khan – Reena Dutta

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Call him Mr. Perfectionist or what you will. But Aamir Khan did, after all, falter at times. Case in point – his marriage to childhood sweetheart – Reena Dutta. After 15 years of marriage and two lovely children – Ira and Junaid – Aamir and Reena went their separate ways. But not before making sure that their children remained unaffected by it. Aamir later married Kiran Rao and the couple has a son – Azad. What’s endearing is Kiran and Reena are friendly with each other and Aamir’s kids from both his marriages get along really well.

2. Malaika Arora – Arbaaz Khan

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Theirs was a marriage straight out of a romantic movie. A hot-and-happening Malaika had pursued a shy-and-dashing Arbaaz until the two got hitched. But 18 years later, the couple shocked everyone when they decided to separate. Being mature people, they made sure that their only son – Arhaan remained unaffected and understood the implications of the divorce. Now, even after 2 years of divorce, both Malaika and Arbaaz are cordial and respectful to each other and even take their son for dine-outs and picnics together!

3. Farhan Akhtar – Adhuna Bhabani

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At the time when Adhuna and Farhan were still married, Farhan had acknowledged quite candidly how Adhuna stood by him even before he made his first movie. Adhuna herself is a celebrity hairstylist. Theirs was thought to be the most secure marriage until it fell apart 15 years later. However, the couple kept things low and never got down to dirty tricks during the divorce. They kept their two daughters – Shakya and Akira – away from the media glare or any sort of ugliness normally associated with a divorce.

4. Sussanne Khan – Hrithik Roshan

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Another years-long marriage that bit the dust was that of Sussanne Khan and Hrithik Roshan. Hrithik had just burst on to the Bollywood scene and was making waves when his personal love story with Sussanne made headlines. Despite religious differences, both got married in a fairy tale wedding. After 14 years of marriage and two sons – Hrehaan and Hridhaan, they called it quits. A lot of reasons were speculated including Hrithik’s alleged affairs. But the couple brushed them aside and issued a joint statement that their children were their priority. The ex-couple are still good friends and go on many a family vacation to ensure their children are happy.

5. Mehr Jesia – Arjun Rampal

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Another rock-solid marriage that went kaput was Mehr Jesia and Arjun Rampal. Being married for 20 years, when Arjun and Mehr announced their separation much later than as speculated by the media, the had a common interest in mind – their daughters Myra and Mahikaa. The parents to these lovely girls made sure they were the first ones to understand and accept that their parents were separating before announcing it to the world. Arjun is now a father to a boy from his current girlfriend Gabriella Demetriades. Despite this development, he remains close to his ex-wife and even takes out his teenage daughters on dinner dates.

No one likes their marriage to end in a divorce, let alone celebrities. But when it seems inevitable and you wish to move on, you can take a cue from how these celebrities handled their divorces. Keeping their children’s emotions in mind, they did not indulge in any sort of mudslinging or ugliness. Because, in the end, a failed marriage isn’t an innocent child’s fault!

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