Victoria Kimani

Most of them have acquired accents, and you can clearly tell when they speak.

Sometimes Kenyans bash them on social media assuming that they are just faking it. Even though Kenyans seem to acquire accents a little too faster, there are those people who’ve lived in foreign countries for years, and you can never tell. 

Oh My God…These Are The 9 Most Shocking Confessions By Kenyan Celebrities

Below are some of the Kenyan celebrities who were born and raised abroad.

1. Victoria Kimani – The “Show” singer was born in LA -USA before they moved to Benin City, Nigeria where her parents were doing missionary work.

2. Holy Dave & Joey Muthengi – The two siblings spent their developmental years in North ChicagoUnited States, and that’s where their passion for music blossomed.

Holy Dave & Joey Muthengi

3. Victoria Rubadiri – Vicky grew up in the United States. In a recent interview, the popular TV personality opened up about how she got pregnant at 18 years while studying journalism at Temple University in US.

4. Lupita Nyong’o – The award-winning actress was born in Mexico when her dad had gone to lecture political science at El Colegio de México in Mexico City.  They returned to Kenya in 1983 after living there for three years.

Lupita with actress Fan Bingbing

5. Miss Mandi – The Capital FM presenter was born in Nairobi but later moved to Toronto in 2003 and returned to Kenya in 2010.

6. Wanjira – Her mother was born and raised here, in Kenya, while her father was born and raised in Slovakia (formerly Czechoslovakia). She spent most of her time in New York and other parts of the USA. She even interned with WWE entertainment.

7. Bamboo – Victoria Kimani’s elder brother was raised in Inglewood, California, and was later brought back home to Kenya.

A special shout out to Nairobi police boss, he has the number one twang in the country.

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