Even though mother is the one whom children feel the first, fathers have a huge impact on children’s character. Father’s love is the one that gives the child self-confidence, that makes them be courageous and take risks. And of course, looking at the way fathers and children act together is very cute and funny.
Beautiful World would like to share 9 famous fathers that despite the hard-working schedule find time to spend with their children and do it hilariously.

1. Chris Hemsworth

Chris is married to Elsa Pataki and they have 3 children: India (4 Y.O.), Tristan (3 Y.O.) and Sasha (3 Y.O.). A god in the movies and real hearo in the family.

2. Channing Tatum

He has a long-awaited daughter, whom he really adores. He was afraid of being a bad father for her, so he did his best to be make his child happy. He even dressed up as a bunny for Halloween.

3. Dwayne Johnson

He has two charming daughters. The elder Scala is 15 years old and the little one is only 2 years old. They make funny photos together and enjoy spending time together.

4. Hugh Jackman

Even though Ava and Oscar aren’t his own children, he raises them as a real father and does it perfectly.

5. Vin Diesel

Vin is also a father-hero. He has 3 kids: Hania (9 years old), Vincent (6 years old) and Polin (2 years old). After having a kid, he stopped taking risks in movies.

6. Matthew McConaughey

A father of Levi (8 years old), Vida (7 years old) and Livingston (4 years old).

7. Robbie Williams

He changed his life dramatically after having kind. He became a good father of Theodor (4 years old) and Charlton (3 years old).

8. David Beckham

Without David this list wouldn’t be perfect. He has 4 child and is a perfect father for them.

9. Robert Downey Jr.

Iron man, a superhero and beloved character of all the kids is a real hero for his son Exton. Even though Robert is the hero from Marvel Multiverse comixes Exton is a real fan Batman & Superman.

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