(CNN)– A brand-new video clip entailing John Cena is going viral, however it isn’t of the preferred wrestler bodyslamming one of his challengers. No, it’s 9-year-old Benjamin Russo producing a massive picture of Cena with 750 Rubik’s Cubes.

The video clip starts with Benjamin standing up a collection of cards, in which he describes he has dyslexia as well as has problem with analysis and also writing. “I mix up my words. I obtain really frustrated and also upset too often,” the cards read. “However having dyslexia additionally suggests I can do something amazing! Similar to this …”

The video then reveals Benjamin configuring hundreds of Rubik’s Cubes right into certain patterns. At the end of organizing all 750 cubes, the patterns come together to disclose an enormous picture of Cena himself.

Then, Benjamin lifts up 2 even more cards. They review: “Dyslexia is not my disability. Dyslexia is my superpower.”

The procedure took five hrs, Benjamin’s dad, Louis, told CNN. “My wife as well as I considered each other as well as stated, ‘Just how does he do it?’ It’s simply unbelievable to enjoy,” the proud daddy stated.

Benjamin’s remarkable talent also caught the attention of Benjamin’s Rubik’s muse.

“This is the personification of #NeverGiveUp,” Cena tweeted. “Benjamin shows nerve, willpower, susceptability, tremendous toughness … and he’s a MUSICIAN!”

Cena even called Benjamin “a hero of mine” when he showed up on CBS’ “The Talk” on Friday.

A message of positivity, not impairment

Dyslexia is a typical learning impairment that results in difficulties with details language abilities, particularly reviewing, according to the International Dyslexia Association.

Benjamin’s dyslexia makes research and school a struggle, yet it additionally permits his amazing ability to radiate through, his mother, Melanie, described.

“Dyslexic brains are very different. The ideal side is truly solid, so they can be very imaginative, very musical. I really believe that he has this impressive capacity because of dyslexia,” Melanie informed CNN.

Due to the fact that the family can’t purchase 750 Rubik’s Cubes every time Benjamin takes on a new project, the John Cena portrait had actually to be taken down. Benjamin has already completed his next one– it’s none other than Keanu Reeves.

Benjamin’s parents wish his tale will certainly move how people perceive dyslexia.

“The public sees dyslexia generally as flipping words around, turning letters around, and that’s where it ends,” Louis stated. “We never ever speak about the advantages as well as the unique presents that lots of dyslexics have, and also Benjamin is not alone. So I assume that’s what we’re attempting to do is get the positive available and not so much the downsides.”