Total Area : 984 Square Feet

Sit out
Living room
Dining area
3 Bedroom
2 Attached bathroom
1 Common bathroom
Work area

A beautiful house on a low budget. The 984 square feet house has 3 bedrooms and an two attached bathrooms for domestics. The small sit out with color paintings is a striking feature of the elevation. Other traditional attraction is the bay window in the roof. The main entrance has been paved with inter-locking tiles. A mix of ultra modern and traditional, this 984 square feet house in Mannuti, Thrissur. The tile-laid sloping roof complement the look of the structure.

Almost all the major floors have been done dusting vitrified tiles. The small, yet modern, traditional structure cost only 13 Lacks. The house has lavish facilities even though a big sum was not earmarked for construction. It boasts of 3 bedrooms, a sit out, family living room, a dining area, kitchen, work area and common bathroom. This compact ground floor house has another wing which separates itself from the family entertainment space to their private habitable space, which has three bedrooms.

The plan was conceived by Hello Homes, who designed the structure and chalked its layout. While the front elevation is modern, a view from the sides gives a traditional simplicity and elegance. The dining space is in the open style. A six-seater dining table here. The kitchen is simple and a storage unit is built in plywood with a wooden finish. The two bath attached bedrooms have in built wooden wardrobes. The entire house follows a minimalist style.