The years have been kind! Graphic designer Photoshops snaps to show celebrities meeting their younger selves

A graphic designer has made time travel possible by posting throwback snaps of celebrities next to recent images – and for some, ageing has been a blessing. 

Dutch graphic designer Ard Gelinck has Photoshopped some of his favourite celebrities to give the illusion of them meeting their younger selves. 

Amongst the famous faces, which have been collated in an online gallery by Bored Panda, include Jennifer Aniston, Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt.

And with the perfect mix of time travel and nostalgia, these incredible montages are sure to give you a trip down memory lane. 

While Jennifer Aniston may have hit 50, she’s retained the same youthful look she had back in her ‘Friends’ day

The only difference between the old and current Leonardo DiCaprio is that his pose has become a little more stern over the years

We can only assume the recent Dwayne Johnson is sitting there regretting his fashion style, which features high-waisted jeans, a turtleneck and bold gold chain

Is there any role Tom Hanks can’t do? Here’s a current picture of him sat next to his iconic character in Forrest Gump 

This adorable snap proves that Reese Witherspoon still has that same baby face – even at the age of 43

Keanu Reeves is living proof that some people just don’t seem to age – and that old hair cuts do eventually come back into fashion

Will Smith joins Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt amongst the famous faces that haven’t seemed to age over the years

Johnny Depp has retained that strong jawline we all know and love – but his eyes and lips seem to have changed the most

These photographs of Lady Gaga prove that she was a natural beauty both then and now

The late Robin Williams will forever be loved for this iconic film roles – including the likes of Mrs Doubtfire

One amused fan commented on this photograph and joked how Daniel Radcliffe’s forehead vein is recreating Harry Potter’s renowned lightening bolt scar 

Can you guess which is the younger and older snap of Meryl Streep? She hasn’t seemed to change much

It’s no wonder Brad Pitt is a heartthrob across the globe – he gets more handsome the older he gets!

Bruce Willis looks almost unrecognisable in this throwback snap – and we can only assume it’s due to the hair

A step back in time! Designer Photoshops throwback snaps of celebrities next to recent images

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