It’s one of the laws of the universe, as encoded into the DNA of our culture as death and taxes: random slip-ups on live television are always funny. But this morning, an ABC News broadcast took the cake, cutting to a random demonic gathering during a news story about new laws which propose prison for those who hurt police animals.

The clip starts as normally as such an intense and heavy story can, with a reporter detailing the ins and outs of the laws. As she speaks, the camera cuts to a gathering of mask-wearing gentlemen standing out the front of a courthouse, their conversation muffled and hard to hear.

And then it happens. Completely out of the blue, with no warning whatsoever, the broadcast cuts to a group of cloak-wearing figures, standing next to an upside down cross, quietly intoning “Hail Satan.”

Watch the clip and then we’ll talk.

ABC’s satanic slip-up. What was going on here? @abcnews

— Media Watch (@ABCmediawatch) August 19, 2021

Okay, so here’s a guess as to what happened: ABC News were probably going to run a story on Satanists at some point during their broadcast, only an over-eager editor cut to it early, disrupting procedures in the most wonderfully hideous way.

Or, the power of Satan cannot be stopped, and pirate Satanists cut into the channel to spread their message to unsuspecting viewers.

Either way, this is one of the most enjoyably demented moments on live television in recent memories. Turns out the Dark Lord heard that you needed a distraction from all the bad news floating around at the moment, and gave you this trembling serve of horror, blooming on His open palm like a black rose, ready for you to take.