Ayman Shalaby
Entrepreneur, Marketer and Friend.
Owner of V3apps.com (Mobile Apps for Business), V3Ads.com (Social and Mobile Marketing), GreatProfitCenter.com
Ayman Shalaby graduated from AUC in 1990 with a Bachelors of Science degree in computer science and a minor in psychology. Working with multi-national corporations such as Fedex, General Electric, and ADP, he has focused on building a balance between strong technical skills and excellence in management in his twenty year career in global business. Currently, Ayman is CEO and President of V3Ads LLC, an organization providing social and mobile marketing services for small businesses.After working in IT (Information Technology) for over  25 years in the Corporate World, (I have a BSc in Computer Science, Six Sigma and PMI Certified), I decided to explore the world of Making Money online. As most of  you exploring this fascinating world, I was amazed… more like overwhelmed.. for two years I did nothing but buy every other product that came out, got on a lot of “gurus” mailing lists and fell for every silver bullet shiny object which promised one-click riches.
Of course, nothing really worked and a lot of times I was discouraged… but I persisted. It was not until I started attending events and meeting people like Jonathan Budd (pictured above) did I start to realize I was doing it all wrong. Yes, you HAVE to admit failure before you will ever succeed.I started connecting with like minded people, providing and giving help in any way I can. My world changed and I am proud to be where I am today. I formed V3Ads LLC in 2011 and am the founder and owner of http://v3apps.com which specializes in building mobile apps for small businesses.

I also have my own products, one of which is V3Social Facebook App which is my favorite one. I also have MyMarketingApp (Mobile app for entrepreneurs), FB Marketing Blueprint and several others.

I want you to know that I love connecting with people and anyone who buys any of my products is automatically part of my inner circle. I value you as a friend and a customer.

You can connect with me on Facebook: http://Facebook.com/AymanWShalaby and on Skype (Aymanjax).

This photo shows Ayman with Jonathan Budd, the Internet Marketing Guru


V3Ads LLC is owned by Ayman Shalaby and is a registered Limited Liability Corporation in the State of Nevada, USA

Current Listing could be viewed on the Nevada Secretary of State website

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