The Ageless Style Link Up-  The first Monday of every month a group of over forty fashion bloggers pick a monthly theme and show different ways of styling it. 
Welcome ladies to another Ageless Style Link Up.  This month’s theme “The Heat Is On” was chosen by Debbie.  Debbie said “Do with it what you will…enjoy!” so I decided to feature an outfit  that I wore on a hot day visiting friends:  A day I really did “enjoy!”.

Now if this outfit looks familiar to you, it’s because it is!  I’ve shown it to you before HERE and HERE.  You will be seeing lots of my clothes on repeat, because I am just not buying new clothes during Covid…no matter how good the deals are.  I did buy a few pair of shoes, but that is all I’ve purchased the past five months.  Fashion just seems an unnecessary luxury during these trying times.

Now we’ve been having a lot of hot weather in Wisconsin this summer which is quite unusual for us.  When the weather gets warm, I like to wear lightweight clothes with the least material possible but still stay modestly dressed.  Skirts are my go-to item all summer long.  I wear shorts at home, but rarely wear them outside the house.  I prefer skirts or skorts to shorts anytime, and I enjoy off-the-shoulder tops like this one for keeping cool.

I also prefer comfortable sandals over sneakers or shoes.  They are so much more cooling than shoes that cover the entire foot.  I also have issues with my feet swelling on super hot/humid days, and sandals are more suitable footwear for that problem.
Now if you’re wondering where all these beautiful photos have been taken and who these adorable pet animals are, they are all my dear friends.  She has lots of sun on her property, so she has the most beautiful flower gardens.  I am a lover of animals, especially cats, and I just went ga-ga over their kitten.  They also have two dogs, both of whom are as sweet as can be.
I will close this post with more pictures of my friend’s beautiful garden.  Enjoy!
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Have A Great Day!  Amy
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