Neural network-based technologies have advanced immensely in recent years and now even easily available tools can show impressive results, like this track than is built on Eminem’s thesaurus, style and voice patterns.

Creators at Calamity AI YouTube channel set emulate Marshall’s style lyrically and musically and started from generating the narrative. They used a GPT-3 powered text-generator Shortly Read and using “Mark Zuckerberg diss in the style of Eminem” as an input. The resulting text was then sent to 30 Hertz YouTube channel that synthesises audio and is especially interested in emulating Eminem and 2Pac. For vocalisation on Zuckerberg diss track Tacotron 2, a neural network architecture for speech synthesis directly from text was used.

Lyrically this diss does not hold a candle to Eminem, not being able to come near the level of his wordplay and layers of meaning. But the text is coherent and focused on piling up insults, however ridiculously surreal those insults could be. AI used “stupid” so many times that the track sounded almost like 6ixty9ine hit.

Vocalisation, though, sounded more convincing giving out the recognisable early Slim Shady vibe. This experiment was heralded by media mostly because of the diss target, but you can compare Calamity AI exercise in offending Zuckerberg with what 30 Hertz usually does below:

30 Hertz