We all would love to get a good look inside the lives of the rich and the famous. Here’s, a glimpse into the abodes of 4 celebrities along with some interesting titbits.

More often than not, celebrities are people who do what they love and create their lifestyle around it. Some of the prolific personalities have been lucky enough to be in the right place, at the right moment and there are some who have worked hard, no matter the problems in the way to reach their goal and achieve success and stardom.

The one thing common among all the celebrities is that they live life on their own terms. Actors, singers, athletes, CEOs, or any other famous person, they have all followed their passion and were willing to do whatever it takes to reach their dreams. And we lesser mortals admire them for that. Undoubtedly we all get curious to know about movie actors and sports stars’ homes and their lifestyles, likes and dislikes. Some may have insanely lavish home while, some others may choose simplicity over exquisite luxury. Therefore, in this issue Realty+ has decided to go behind the scenes, actually into their homes, to understand what is ‘home’ to them.

Not surprisingly, the lives of celebrities are considered idealistic. In a subtle way they are our unconscious motivators and overtly, our role models for home design, outfits and diet habits, to name a few.


Unlike the glamorous persona known to the world, the celebrities that we feature in this issue are simple family persons and their homes, be it mansion, apartment or an ancestral place was designed by their own personal tastes and sense of comfort. An abode that is not a show-off to the public, but where they can unwind and be themselves.

Actor Boman Irani, credit his wife for taking the decisions when it comes to design and décor of their home. Boman’s 34 years bond with wife Zenobia means they are mostly in agreement about most things.

Actress Huma Qureshi, staying away from family finds comfort in sharing her abode with her brother Saqib Saleem. They have created a home which gives them their own personal space but also lets them enjoy common spaces in their own ways. By their own admission, Huma is the designer and Saqib is the implementer.

Footballer Sunil Chhetri, married for about a couple of years, finds himself lucky, as for his wife Sonam, “Sunil Chhetri is where the heart is” in spite of football being the first love for Sunil. Still very much infatuated with each other, they have designed their home around their wedding presents.

Actress Kajal Agarwal on the other hand is attached to the home where she grew up. Being sentimental about the place, while redesigning the home, she instead of being ostentatious, kept the décor minimal to create a cosy place for friends and family gatherings.

Indeed, this journey of exploring these celebrities homes and sharing their experiences and anecdotes has brought us closer to understanding their persona away from the limelight.

So, even if you aren’t rich and famous, I am sure after reading the home design inspiration of our celebrities in the next few pages, it will give you enough ideas to decorate your home’s interior spaces with timeless and charming character. A place that you will be proud to call home.

We all know what it’s like to be at home. Likewise, for celebrities their home is their safe haven away from the hustle and bustle of fame and busy careers. Built with love and affection and surrounded with fond memories. It is the place they desire to be; at the end of the day. When we began our journey into the lives of few celebrities, one aspect that became very clear was, that their homes were the reflection of their inner self.