1. Rihanna

Global music icon, Rihanna has been spotted chartering the stylish superyacht, Latitude. The 172-foot (52 meter) vessel charters for around $300,000 per week to compensate for all its amenities. Not only does it have two dressing rooms, but it also has massage and beauty salons.

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Sounds like the perfect place for a superstar to get pampered, right? We thought so too. And what’s more – Latitude also comes with five decks, all reachable by elevator, a number of lounging areas, and a large formal dining room. And to help its celebrity sailors stay in shape while they soak up the sun, the yacht is complete with a sundeck gym.

2. Beyonce & Jay Z

Power couple, Jay Z and Beyonce are the owners of record labels, clothing lines, and sports bars. When they’re not busy touring or recording music, chances are they may be soaking up the sun on a fancy chartered yacht, like the $70 million Galactica Star.

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The two splashed out a pretty penny to party aboard this yacht for Queen Bey’s 32nd birthday back in 2013. At the time it came on the market in the same year, the Galactica Star was the biggest fast-displacement yacht in the world, meaning it could reach almost 30 knots (35 mph) while using 20% less fuel than a vessel of the same size.

3. Tiger Woods

Widely regarded as one of the best golfers in history, Tiger Woods is listed as the highest-paid player in the sport according to CNBC. It’s no wonder he was able to purchase the yacht called Privacy for $20 million back in 2004.

Carlos Marino/FilmMagic via Getty Images/Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

Reaching 155 ft (47 m), the yacht is equipped with a sizable bar and Jacuzzi that fits 8 people. But that’s not all. It also comes with a workout room that contains free weights, a treadmill, and a mechanized bicycle. And in case Woods chooses to scuba dive, Privacy has a station to fill tanks and a decompression chamber that inflates.

4. Sean “P. Diddy” Combs

Call him whatever you want – Sean, Puff Daddy, Diddy, or P. Diddy – but don’t call him broke. As an icon in the world of rap, it’s no surprise the hip-hop king is able to put down around $400,000 a week to host A-list parties on celebrity yachts.

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At the entrance of the plush cream-carpeted Maraya yacht, for example, lies a private office that doubles as a kids room. This adds to the six other bedrooms on board. And according to the Daily Mail, each bedroom is topped off with cream-colored throw pillows that are emblazoned with Diddy’s initials, SJC (aka Sean John Combs).

5. Simon Cowell

Hollywood icon, Simon Cowell is notoriously known for the harsh criticism and sarcastic comments he directs towards realty TV contestants. When he’s not judging talent acts on American Idol or X Factor, you may be able to spot him aboard the ultra-luxe, $73 million yacht called Slipstream.

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For just $500,000 a week, Cowell has chartered the yacht to St. Barts. At 196 feet (60 m) long, the vessel can accommodate 12 guests and 14 crew members. Among its most distinguished features are its mirrored ceilings and giant waterbed. And don’t be deceived by its exterior. The inside is decorated with a modern art deco style that combines dark ebony wood and red leather panels.

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6. Leonardo DiCaprio

Wolf of Wall Street actor Leonardo DiCaprio helped bring to life the sinking charter yacht, Nadine in the 2013 drama film. One year later, the Hollywood icon famously threw an ’80s inspired themed aboard the fifth largest superyacht in the world, 428-foot (73 m) Topaz.

Wikimedia Commons/Michael011172/Mike Marsland/WireImage

DiCaprio also chartered the yacht to commemorate the start of the 2014 World Cup in Rio, Brazil with 21 of his millionaire friends. Valued at $678 million, the yacht was designed in 2012 to accommodate an upwards of 62 guests in 26 different cabins. It can carry 79 crew members and holds a catamaran, submarine, jet skis, and inflatable boats.

7. Steve Jobs

Before his death, Apple founder Steve Jobs enlisted the help of French designer Philippe Starck to design a 257-foot (78-meter) luxury yacht that is said to be worth an estimated $120 million. Unfortunately, Jobs passed away before the glass-enclosed, highly private and extraordinarily high-tech yacht was completed in 2012.

VALERY HACHE/AFP via Getty Images/SHAUN CURRY/AFP via Getty Images

Today, the Venus yacht is under the possession of Jobs’ widow, Laurene, who brought her family on board in 2017 to visit the islands of Croatia. The yacht features six cabins that can sleep 12 people and 14 smaller cabins that can hold up to 22 crew members. Aside from Venus, Laurene also owns a Gulfstream G650 private jet that is worth a staggering $75 million.

8. J.K. Rowling

Sometime around the end of 2015 and the beginning of 2016 (according to Variety), the mastermind behind Harry Potter, J.K. Rowling purchased a yacht previously owned by Johnny Depp for $27 million. And no, it’s name wasn’t Black Pearl. It was Amphitrite.

Barbara Zanon/Getty Images/Spicer/Getty Images

The elegantly-furnished, three-deck yacht includes a number of top-notch amenities like five cabins each equipped with their own skylight and wine bar, jet skis, and kayaks. But just a year after her purchase, Rowling put the beauty back on the market for an asking price of $19 million. Curious sailors can also charter the boat for around $130,000 a week.

9. Heidi Klum

In February 2019, supermodel Heidi Klum said “I do” to musician Tom Kaulitz in a secret ceremony aboard the luxury yacht, Christina O. in Capri, Italy. The 325-foot (72 m) superyacht comes with 17 cabins and can hold up to 250 guests on the deck. Talk about a perfect place to get married!

Ivan Romano/GC Images/Theo Wargo/NBC/Getty Images

The vessel was also the wedding venue for Grace Kelly and Monaco’s Prince Rainier in 1956, as well as Jackie O and Aristotle Onasssis some 12 years later. Weddings aside, Christina O. has also hosted a number of other Hollywood stars and even politicians while they bask in the sun like Frank Sinatra, Marilyn Monroe, and Winston Churchill. It is available to charter for nearly $100,000 a day.

10. David Geffen

Entertainment mogul, David Geffen is the current owner of the 454-foot (138-meter) Rising Sun yacht. Originally built for Oracle CEO, Larry Ellison, the two billionaire business men co-owned the yacht for four years before Ellison decided it was too big and sold his shares to Geffen for what came out to a total of $590 million according to Business Insider. *Gasp*!

Jesse Grant/WireImage via Getty Images/Andrew Toth/Getty Images

With 45 crew members and even a basketball court aboard, the Rising Sun can comfortably sleep 16 guests. It’s no wonder Geffen loves inviting others to join him – actors, musicians, presidents – you name it! He has hosted a number of celebrities and fellow billionaires like Jeff Bezos, the Obamas, Bruce Springsteen, Oprah Winfrey, and Leonardo DiCaprio, to name a few. Some of these names even appear later on this list!

11. Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana

With an empire that amasses over $1 billion in sales a year, luxury clothing designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana are able to comfortably afford their $50 million yacht called Regina d’Italia. The name translates to “The Queen of Italy” in Italian.

Wikimedia Commons/Mike1979 Russia/Tony Barson/WireImage

One of the yacht’s most distinctive features is its custom-made, inflatable water slide that attaches to its side. This fun touch contrasts its extravagant interior, which is lined with sapphires and rubies, marble floors, and different animal-themed bedrooms such as elephants, crocodiles, giraffes, and rhinos. As of May 2019, the Regina d’Italia is on sale for an easy $17 million. Any takers?

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12. Bill Gates

Microsoft genius, Bill Gates has been spotted holidaying aboard the $330 million yacht, Serene. And boy, is this thing a vision! At $5 million a week, Gates gains access to all of its out-of-this-world amenities. Equipped with a wood fire pizza oven and Teppanyaki grill, Serene can accommodate up to 24 people.

YouTube/Billionaires Club/Chesnot-Getty Images

But wait, there’s more. The yacht comes with a nightclub complete with a bandstand, an indoor climbing wall, a movie theater, and three heated swimming pools. There are also two helipads and a viewing room underwater that has space for a large submarine. The original owner of the yacht was owner of Stolichnaya Vodka and fellow billionaire, Yuri Shefler.

13. Cristiano Ronaldo

Juventus F.C. superstar, Cristiano Ronaldo made the news in 2017 when authorities raided the yacht he was chartering – Ascari – while he was vacationing in Ibiza, Spain. The case was eventually settled with an 18.8 million euro fine (over $21,000).

Peter Wheeler/Alamy Stock Photo/MIGUEL MEDINA/AFP/Getty Images

When Ronaldo isn’t chartering yachts, the second-highest paid sportsman according to the Forbes 2019 list is spending his millions adding to his luxury car collection. Ronaldo reportedly has a Maserati, Lamborghini, Bentley, Porsche and more as part of his collection. What can we say – it just seems to be the lifestyle of the rich and the famous these days.

14. Calvin Klein

Revolutionary fashion designer, Calvin Klein is a fashion designer praised for his simplistic style. Though he worked tirelessly as a teenager to perfect his craft, he was actually discovered by accident. After receiving a $10,000 loan from a childhood friend, he rented a small hotel workroom, out of which he sold his own women’s coats.

imageBROKER/Alamy Stock Photo/Kris Connor/FilmMagic

One day, a buyer from a large department store in New York – Bonwit Teller – got lost in the hotel and stumbled upon Klein’s room. A $50,000 deal was made and the rest is pretty much history. Being one of today’s most famous fashion designers certainly affords Klein the ability to travel in luxury – like aboard the 150 f00t (46 m) yacht, Vantage.

15. The Edge

Despite the media claiming that Bono is the owner of superyacht Cyan, it is actually owned by his U2 bandmate, The Edge, aka David Howell Evans. In fact, the lead guitarist set the record straight when he told the Irish Independent, “It’s not Bono’s yacht at all, it’s mine. Bono doesn’t know a thing about boats… I don’t know where the story that Bono owns it came from.” 

ImageBROKER/Alamy Stock Photo/Evan Agostini/Getty Images

The Edge added that purchasing the luxury yacht was a dream fulfilled, though he didn’t have the $15.5 million to splash out on the vessel and had to enlist the help of a few friends – none of whom were his lead-singing bandmate. With a 9.8 foot (3 m) outdoor movie screen, the Cyan also comes equipped with a film library of 1,500 movies. But the entertainment doesn’t stop there. The yacht also comes with a baby grand piano, wave-runners, wake boards, and tons of inflatables.

16. Giorgio Armani

When you’re one of the world’s most iconic fashion designers, you don’t need to settle on owning just one yacht and it seems Italian fashion mogul Giorgio Armani is in agreement. The billionaire designer enlisted his own design skills to make his second houseboat, Maìn come to life. In fact, the reasoning for wanting to design his own yacht was based on his belief that chartering didn’t give him enough control over the boat’s ambiance.

Felix Magno/Getty Images/Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Armani said “painting Maìn green was a choice made to camouflage her,” as the designer claims to favor a degree of isolation. He added, “I wanted Maìn to have a strong and compact appearance, and not be weighted down with dazzling white paint that can be seen from a distance, so people say, ‘Oh, that’s so-and-so’s boat.’”

17. James Packer

Australian billionaire James Packer is the heir to his grandfather’s fortune, who founded investment company, Consolidated Press Holdings Ltd. With billions to his name, he has been able to purchase a number of superyachts. As of 2019, he can finally set sail on his most recent $200 million vessel.

VALERY HACHE/AFP via Getty Image/Jim Spellman/WireImage

The casino tycoon named the yacht IJE after his three kids: Indigo, Jackson, and Emmanuelle. Surpassing his initial budget by $50 million, the vessel took a total of four years to be built by the luxury shipbuilding company, Benetti. Packer is also the owner of a Bombardier Global Express BD 700 private jet, which has a list price of $50 million.

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18. Eric Schmidt

In 2009, executive chairman of Google, Eric Schmidt purchased superyacht, Oasis for a staggering $72 million. The vessel can sleep up to 12 guests and is equipped with 15 crew members. It has a sun deck, Jacuzzi, barbecue, and gym that converts into a disco!

Ali Balli/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images/Rob Kim/Getty Images

But a superyacht isn’t the only extravagant “toy” Schmidt owns. He also has a Gulfstream V private jet that is worth a pretty penny equal to $20 million. His Montecito, California home – which he purchased from Ellen DeGeneres in 2007 – came with the same price tag. But that’s not all. For $15 million, he purchased a New York City penthouse that boasts views of the entire city. Wowza!

19. Larry Ellison

Oracle founder, Larry Ellison has a special love for the sea. At 22 years old, he enrolled in the University of California’s sailing course and at 25, he purchased a 34-foot-long racing sailboat. Fast forward a number of years and he bought himself a sparkling new yacht.

Marco Secchi/Corbis via Getty Images/Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage

Ellison has owned a total of four yachts over the years. His current yacht – Musashi – is complete with two gyms (one indoors and another outdoors), a beauty room, and a spa swimming pool. The Musashi replaced the larger Rising Sun that Ellison sold to David Geffen. Aside from yachts, Ellison also owns a $70 million Gulfstream G650 jet.

20. Paul Allen

If you have ever dreamt of owning a luxury superyacht that can hold 26 guests and 63 crew members, now is your chance – for  just $325 million! The Octopus, which once belonged to Microsoft co-founder, Paul Allen is considered one of the world’s largest yachts.

Dave Benett/Getty Images/Paul Allen Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Built in 2003, it includes a pool, hot tub, spa, gym, and bar. It also has its own specially-designed recording studio, a movie theater, and a lounge made with a glass bottom so guests can observe what’s going on in the deep sea beneath them. And what’s more? The Octopus has storage space for an SUV and helicopter. It even has a submarine on board too!

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21. Darwin Deason

After selling his company – Affiliated Computer Services – to Xerox for $6.4 billion, Darwin Deason became the corporation’s largest individual shareholder. He used a fraction of that money to purchase the superyacht Apogee, which means “pinnacle” in Greek. And valued at $70 million, Apogee sure represents the pinnacle of Deason’s success.

YouTube/Forbes Life 2

On the upper level of the yacht sits a gym surrounded by panoramic glass windows. Stepping outside, there is a 12 person jacuzzi and two bars. Downstairs there lies a dance floor complete with disco balls, a karaoke machine, and a costume closet for themed parties. And at $7 million a year for maintenance fees, Deason ensures that all the mini bars in the seven staterooms have fiji water bottles with the labels facing out, that the gold-plated sinks and trash cans in the bathrooms are spotless, and that crew come to tidy up every room when a guest leaves for 10 minutes.

22. Roman Abramovich

Russian billionaire, Roman Abramovich owns a lot of things. He is the owner of English professional football club Chelsea FC, the largest share-holder of Russia’s second biggest steelmaker called Evraz, and the share-holder of the world’s biggest refined nickel producer known as Norilsk Nickel.

Levent Kisi/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images/Mikhail Svetlov/Getty Images

With so many income streams, it’s hardly surprising that he is the owner of superyacht Eclipse, which is referred to by yachters as the “$1.5 billion yacht.” Eclipse is so lavish that it has an anti-paparazzi laser system installed to overexpose images that are taken of it. Not only does the yacht come with a separate cinema for the 70 crew members, but it also has two helicopter pads and two pools.

23. Andrey Melnichenko

Industrialist tycoon from Russia, Andrey Melnichenko is the owner of a yacht called A, a name we imagined stood for Andrey but apparently is a way to get his vessel listed at the top of shipping registrations. Costing more than $300 million, the superyacht appears to be a military ship from the outside but has quite the fancy interior.

Ted Soqui/Corbis via Getty ImagesVenturelli/Getty Images

According to the Wall Street Journal, A is lined with mirrors and Baccarat crystals all over the inside. The main stairwell is hand-carved and made of silver leaf, costing more than $60,000 and the shower faucets cost more than $40,000 each. There are three swimming pools on board: one massage pool at the stern and one with a glass bottom that is visible from the disco. And while the guest room is made of stingray hide, the master bedroom is only accessible by way of a biometric fingerprint.

24. Steven Spielberg

It seems Jaws director, Steven Spielberg took the film’s line, “You’re going to need a bigger boat,” quite literally after selling his luxury $200 million yacht in 2015 so that he could upgrade. It’s hard to imagine a 282-foot (86 m) vessel would be considered too small for someone but hey, what do we know?!

Wikimedia Commons/Adolfo59/Stephen Lovekin/WireImage

Delivered in 2012, the yacht Seven Seas was named after Spielberg’s seven children. The acclaimed filmmaker has four biological kids, two adopted kids, and one stepdaughter. And although the vessel comfortably sleeps 12 people, he decided he’d like to bring along more friends to accompany him when exploring the seas. Considered to be the world’s more expensive yacht charter, Spielberg offers Seven Seas for a grand total of $1.3 million per week.

25. Eric Clapton

English singer-songwriter, Eric Clapton is considered by many to be one of the most influential guitarists of his time. With 18 Grammys to his name, Clapton has also sold over 130 million records. In 2005, the successful musician purchased the Va Bene yacht.

Wikimedia Commons/Yachtspotter147/Santiago Felipe/Getty Images

Valued at $10 million, the yacht spans 156 ft (47.5 m) and can comfortably sleep up to 12 guests. It comes with a crew of 12 people and is has two Caterpillar engines, which give it a high speed of roughly 13.8 mph. Listed for sale in 2016, the yacht is available to charter at a hefty price tag of $155,000 per week.