Fox News said it absolutely crushed CNN in last month’s ratings in multiple categories.

What are the details?

One of the most eye-opening stats from May was that a whopping 14 Fox News shows drew more viewers than CNN’s most-watched program, “Cuomo Prime Time” — which finished in 22nd place with an average viewership of 1 million, Fox News said.

Seven MSNBC programs also bested “Cuomo Prime Time,” Fox News said.

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In addition, Fox News Digital garnered nearly 3.4 billion multiplatform minutes, which beat CNN’s website in the category for the third straight month, Fox News said, adding it “topped all other news brands as CNN settled for 2.6 billion total multiplatform minutes.”

Fox News Digital also beat CNN in multiplatform views — 1.56 billion to 1.54 billion — as the Fox News Mobile App got 7.1 million unique viewers, also besting CNN, Fox News said, citing Comsore for all digital data unless otherwise noted.

Oh, and about CNN…

As we’ve already seen, CNN has experienced ratings issues of late — and critiques of its left-wing bias — after briefly showing signs of life following President Joe Biden’s inauguration.

Last month, TheBlaze noted that CNN’s “Reliable Sources” — hosted by the much-maligned Brian Stelter — suffered its lowest ratings of the year and garnered an embarrassing 163,000 viewers in the highly coveted 25-54 demographic while attracting below 1 million viewers for five consecutive weeks.

Stelter himself got smacked around during a recent appearance on C-SPAN’s “Washington Journal,” with callers mocking him as the “minister of misinformation” and calling out CNN for its blatant biases.

To wit, Stelter was excoriated by the likes of Joe Rogan and Mark Levin for his fawning interview with White House press secretary Jen Psaki earlier this month. Indeed, MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace was no better.

Anything else?

The Daily Wire added that Fox News Channel kept flying high during the week of June 14, where it maintained it’s top-rated status in all of cable news for the 18th straight week.

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