A Nigerian fashion designer known as Jude skones has taken to his social media page to narrate how his neighbor’s wife destroy his generator.

According to his narration, the neighbor was outraged over the noise emanating from the gen, and that was the reason she did the wicked act.

Sharing the video, he wrote ;

On Sunday morning, one of my staffs sent me this video, apparently he stayed over to finish a job cuz we’ve been on gen for over 2 months because the house have refused to pay the ridiculous light bill passed to us.. so he was about to add fuel to finish up in the morning.

When he noticed that my gen fuel tank filter has been filled with salt.. I passed the video to our apartment WhatsApp and told them this is what I saw and that the case is btw who ever did it and God.. removed what was left from the filter and continued working

I told someone about this.. an elder and he told me the person who did it would come clean… yesterday morning.. a strange number called me.. I picked and it was that of my neighbors wife who confessed to being the one who did it..

Her excuse ? She said someone came to deliver something for her ( a friend) and she had complained about having migraine to the person,, saying it’s Mostly from the generator noise.. so the said friend advised her to add salt to the generator that it will reduce the noise

I was confused as I didn’t know what to say, so i told her to provide this person that gave her that advice… and why she had to do it at night when everyone was asleep.. Cuz I usually turn off the gen by 8… she refused to disclose who the person was…

The husband called apologizing telling me he had nothing to do with it.. I also told him that they need to provide the person who gave the advice so I can at least know where they got the idea from.

Long story short.. the gen stopped working today