Beyoncé Compared To Urinating Dog By Actor John Schneider John Schneider Beyoncé Like Dog Peeing On Tree … Stay Outta Country Music!!! 2/17/2024 10:32 AM PT Beyoncé ’s in the country music doghouse it seems … at least if John Schneider ’s to be believed — ‘cause he said the star’s like a dog takin’ a piss on the genre! The former “Dukes of Hazzard” star sat down for an interview with right-wing One American News Network to discuss Bey’s recent foray into country music … and he blasted the Queen for not leaving the genre well enough alone. Check out the clip yourself … Schneider says left-wing entertainers have to “make their mark just like a dog” — basically, he sees entertainers trying to claim country music as their own. While he’s probably best known for his work as an actor, Schneider does know a little bit about country music … John’s actually released a bunch of albums with several reaching impressive heights on the country charts back in the ‘80s. Beyoncé’s used as the example here, but JS is speaking more broadly about pop stars flooding into country music … and he seems none too pleased about the trend whatsoever. Artists like Post Malone and Lana Del Rey are also reportedly dipping their toes into the country music pool … but Bey’s new album’s gotta be the most-anticipated. Her new tracks “Texas Hold ‘Em” and “16 Carriages” got dropped during the Super Bowl and signaled a whole new sound for the Beyhive to jam to. BTW … this isn’t exactly a new phenomenon. Steven Tyler , Cyndi Lauper and Nelly are just a few big names who have put out country/country-adjacent albums in the past. Now, if you’re wondering how Bey’s fans took Schenider’s comments … they weren’t shy about venting their anger, calling his words “disgusting” and pointing out Beyonce’s from Texas — so country’s kinda in her DNA! Bottom line … John thinks Beyoncé’s trying to mark country as her own — and it seems her fans are biting back on her behalf.

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