BioShock 4 Will Introduce More of A Fallout Style Gameplay

Seems like BioShock 4 will be different than its predecessors, introducing more open-world gameplay. This comes with large areas to explore and some dialogue options being added to the game.

Due to developing studio’s problems and mainly management issues, BioShock 4’s future was uncertain. Some people even expected the game to get canceled due to developing studios changing or no progress in development being done.

Hopefully, the game did not get canceled, instead, the game’s development was going by an internal company inside 2K. This was revealed last year and it’s pretty important news for the future of the game overall.

And now, we are starting to get some ideas about the game and the way it will shape as the development continues. Some job listings are created for the development of BioShock 4 that requires the applicant to be working on an “ambitious, narratively-driven project full of character and personality.” with RPG being one of the requirements.

This is where the dialogue part comes, the applicants will be needed for designing “dialogue systems,” which shows us that a feature is definitely coming. It’s definitely exciting that we will be getting different gameplay than the older games of the series, it’s always worth a shot.