December 24, a dog was hailed a hero in Sibonga, Cebu, after it chased a motorcycle rider and led him to a location where a newborn baby was left heartlessly.

While most of the attention was focused on the baby who still has the umbilical cord attached, some concerned citizens would also want to know more about the dog who might also need some help.

And yes, a few days later, PAWSsion Project, through its lockdown stray feeders Gea and Kevin, were able to locate the dog named Blacky. The good news? He isn’t a stray. Blacky has an owner, Lyndon Olingay, who has four kids and three grandchildren.

And Blacky isn’t alone as there are nine other doggies. It’s a big, big family indeed. With that, PAWSsion Project moved to help and laid down their plans.

“Let us make hero dog the hero of his family now.” the group said on its post.

“We will also tap a vet who can go onsite to check the dogs, have them vaccinated and spayed and neutered. We also wish to send 2 sacks of rice, groceries and milk for the family and dog food for the dogs.”

Aside from that, they aim to raise P50k for the hero dog of which P25k will be allotted in spaying, neutering and vettings and the remaining half will be used to buy supplies for the dogs and hoomans.

The public response was so quick. Within minutes of posting, cash donations through different channels started pouring in. Blacky won the hearts of its readers and netizens can’t stop praising him.

PAWSsion Project also wanted to extend help to @hopeforstrays_cebu amounting to P10k for its stray feeding program.

Do you want to give Blacky,  his companions and owner a better life?  Kindly visit this link for more details.

Source :

Facebook, Buzzooks