The Duke and Duchess of Sussex ‘announced’ their ‘mutual happiness’ as they showed off ‘honeymoon style’ affection during their first appearance since Megxit tonight, according to a body language expert.

Meghan Markle, 38, looked gorgeous in the £950 bright turquoise gown by Victoria Beckham as she attended the awards evening at Mansion House in London alongside Prince Harry, 35, who matched her with a blue tie tonight. 

It is the couple’s first official public appearance in Britain following the Megxit crisis and prepares to step down as a senior royal. 

Body language guru Judi James claimed the couple appeared ‘like-minded’ and ‘mutually-adoring’ at the event, explaining they displayed signs they are as in love than ever as they showed off their ‘honeymoon style’ affection.  

Meghan Markle, 38, and Prince Harry, 35, showed off their ‘on-going honeymoon’ style affections while making their first joint appearance post-Megxit, a body language expert told FEMAIL 

Judi James revealed how the couple displayed ‘mirrored pinging smiles and loving intimate touch rituals’ to show their ‘like-minded and mutually-adoring’ relationship

Judi revealed how the couple used matching body language to ‘announce’ that they remain a ‘like-minded’ and loved-up couple. 

She told FEMAIL:  ‘Running the gauntlet of rain, cheers and a few boos, Harry and Meghan used a dazzling display of eye-gazing, mirrored pinging smiles and loving, intimate touch rituals to announce the fact that they are still a very like-minded and mutually-adoring couple.’

She went on to say that the Duke of Sussex seemed particularly excited at the event and overjoyed to have Meghan ‘on his arm’.  

Judi went on: ‘There was a new gloss to their simple but co-ordinated styling that hinted they’d upped their game in terms of A-list impact but Harry’s reddened, rounded cheeks and the gleam in his eyes suggested he was still excited to be arriving back with his wife on his arm.’

The Duchess of Sussex wowed fans praised by fans tonight as she made her first appearance since announcing her plan to step back from life as a senior royal (pictured with Prince Harry)

Judi explained: ‘Their pose to camera as they walked into the venue probably defined their message best.

‘Gazing into one another’s eyes they both performed twinned smiles that were wide enough to ensure we got the message in terms of their mutual happiness.’

Meanwhile, once the couple were seated inside, Prince Harry could be seen affectionately holding his wife as they sat together. 

Judi revealed: ‘Sitting together later Harry stretched one arm out across Meghan’s lap to hold her hand in that ‘on-going honeymoon’ style they were always known for.’

The Duchess appeared in high spirits as she stepped out in the vivid blue dress for this evening’s awards 

She explained: ‘Their rituals of intimate touch and intense, adoring eye-gazing are usually most common during the honeymoon period of a relationship when romantic traits are the norm. They still perform them well beyond that period.’ 

The couple will help celebrate the achievements of wounded, injured and sick servicemen and women in their first appearance since they visited Canada House before announcing their step down from royal duties. 

The Endeavour Fund supports the ambitions of men and women who use challenges to help with their physical, psychological and social recovery and rehabilitation.

Meghan’s appearance tonight is her first since announcing her plans to step back as a senior royal in January.

Last autumn, American ex-actress Meghan opened up about her struggles with royal life in an ITV documentary filmed on their Africa tour.

Once inside, Judi revealed how the couple showed off their ‘honeymoon style’ affection for one-another as they held hands lovingly 

The Duchess beamed and giggled while attending the event in Mansion House in London this evening alongside the Duke 

She said she had tried to cope with the pressures by putting on a ‘stiff upper lip’ but she was not prepared for the intensity of tabloid interest. 

Meghan was last seen with Prince Harry on an official engagement on January 7 when they visited Canada House in London to thank the nation for hosting them during their festive break in the Commonwealth country.

The following day, sixth in line Harry and former Suits star Meghan plunged the royal family into a period of turmoil when they announced they wanted to step back as senior royals and become financially independent – a move dubbed Megxit by the press.

It was eventually announced they would give up royal duties, split their time between Canada and the UK, with the majority spent in North America, no longer be known as HRHs, and their lives as working royals would end on March 31.

Body language expert reveals Prince Harry and Meghan Markle affectionate style in London

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