Authorities are continuing to investigate the death of Jelani Day, whose body was pulled from the Illinois River last month and found without organs after the graduate student disappeared in late August. According to The Chicago Sun-Times, Day’s body was found without eyeballs and his top and bottom teeth. The autopsy also concluded that his jawbone had been “sawed out.”

The family said their loved one’s brain, liver and spleen were also missing. A pathology report added that the organs were “completely liquefied” and the genitalia was unidentifiable. 

Day’s body was found after the family continually begged authorities to give more attention to the case. 

“I was very frustrated with the fact that Jelani hadn’t been getting the coverage. Jelani has been missing for 24 days. It appears that help has ceased. I’m imploring, pleading, and asking that the police still pay attention and look for my son,” Carmen Day said, according to MEAWW. 

The heartbroken mother cited the case of Gabby Petito, wishing that her son would have received the same amount of diligence.

“Her face is plastered everywhere and the FBI is involved,” Carmen said about Petito. “And I do not understand why Jelani doesn’t get that same coverage; Jelani doesn’t get that same attention.”

The coroner’s office identified the body on Sept. 23 and notified the family. Day’s loved ones learned that the body was not only missing its organs but also suffered from fish and turtle bites, while also being infested by maggots. 

When authorities released Day’s body, the family’s attorney, Hallie M. Bezner, advised the mother not to look at her son’s remains.

“He was in such bad shape,” Bezner said. “It’s just a heartbreaking story, for sure.”

The family is now preparing to celebrate the young man’s life at a closed-casket service in his hometown of Danville.

Bezner said she is still looking for scientific explanations, hoping to understand what happened to Day’s body. Advocates are also using social media to demand answers. 

 “Sound familiar like history keeps repeating itself.… His family deserve to know #JELANIDAY,” a Twitter user wrote. 

After a month of “searching” this is how Jelani was found. He had no eyeballs, no face, no scalp, jaw bone sawed out, no ORGANS, not even a liver, and the most craziest of all no brain. Sound familiar like history keeps repeating itself…. His family deserve to know #JELANIDAY

— TJ💎 (@taylorpmarie___)