Brock Lesnar’s Return Status Revealed Ahead Of WWE Royal Rumble 2024 Jan 17, 2024 at 8:35 PM Brock Lesnar has been the biggest box office attraction that the WWE has to offer and he is a money-maker like nobody else. Since coming back to the WWE in 2012, the company used him strategically as the marquee attraction like no one else in the past decade or so. There have been rumblings around his status in professional wrestling but the newly Endeavor-owned WWE would soon get to feel his presence. Cody Rhodes achieved one of the biggest wins of his career over Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam 2023 marking a noteworthy performance that sent the latter into a hiatus that lasted for the entire year. But before going out, The Beast strongly endorsed the current top babyface figure of the WWE by uplifting the status of The American Nightmare. While speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio , Dave Meltzer essentially suggested the returning timespan of Brock Lesnar’s return. Apparently, this week wasn’t a perfect one to make him resurface considering the competition from football games and the Emmy Awards, which led Raw to have lower ratings. Major Wrestlemania 40 Match Teased On WWE Raw January 15 Episode Brock Lesnar’s WWE return seems imminent ahead of Royal Rumble 2024 Meltzer then noted that if Brock Lesnar is set to return for the Royal Rumble, the next week would be more likely. He presumed that WWE would want his involvement in the first premium live event of the year. To hype things up, he anticipated that an angle involving him being shot at the PLE should further instigate things for Wrestlemania, “Maybe next week. I would think this would not be the week to have Brock Lesnar return, given this might be one of the lower rated shows considering they went against the football games and the Emmy Awards. If he’s going to return for the Rumble, next week would be the week. If he going to return after, it could be a couple weeks later.” “I would presume he’s in the Rumble and I presume any angle he’s going to do would be shot in The Rumble itself.” ( transcription by Ringside News) Elimination Chamber 2024: Status Of The Rock’s Appearance Revealed At WWE PLE This update comes right after reports claimed that Brock Lesnar’s return was already in place for this year. A WrestleMania 40 promo featuring him was also spotted on a WWE production truck suggesting that his return is imminent. With Royal Rumble looming in on January 27th, perhaps it’s just a matter of time before we get to see The Beast on Raw.

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