Canada outlaws assault-style tools after mass shooting

Rob Gillies
Associated Press
Published 12:32 PM EDT May 1, 2020

Toronto— Prime Preacher Justin Trudeau said Friday that Canada is prohibiting the use and profession of assault-style weapons immediately.Trudeau pointed out various mass shootings in the country, including the killing of 22 people in Nova Scotia April 18 as well as 19. He revealed the restriction of over 1,500 designs as well as versions of assault-style firearms, including the AR-15 and also various other weapons that have actually been used in a number of mass shootings in the United States” Canadians need even more than thoughts

as well as prayers,”Trudeau said.Prime Minister Justin Trudeau shows up for his daily interview on COVID-19, in front of his house at Rideau Home in Ottawa, in this April 19, 2020, file image. Trudeau stated Friday that Canada is outlawing the usage as well as profession of assault-style weapons immediately.Justin Tang, AP, Data The Closet order doesn’t prohibit possessing any of the military-style tools and their variants yet it does prohibit the use as well as profession in