LOS ANGELES, CA- On Sunday, September 19th, Hollywood celebrities were packed close together in an enclosed space at the 73rd annual Emmy Awards all while still in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, yet millions of children across the U.S. are being forced to wear masks in school. 

At the emmys no masks👇 Only the staff wears masks. https://t.co/4Cy1h0kDOR

Breitbart News reported that celebrities were also congregating at in indoor venue in London.

Presenter Seth Rogen appeared baffled by the indoor setting. Allegedly, Emmy organizers had announced earlier that the show would take place in an “air-conditioned tent.”

However, the venue, as shown on TV appeared to be fully enclosed. Rogen joked:

“I would not have come to this. Why is there a roof?”

Host Cedric the Entertainer tried to preemptively ward off criticism early in the broadcast. When trying to reassure viewers at home, He said:

“You had to get vaxxed to come here. I got Pfizer because I’m bougie.”

Earlier reports stated that Emmy organizers mandated all attendees to test negative for COVID-19 and prove that they have been vaccinated.

The Television Academy announced that attendees of both the Primetime Emmy Awards and Creative Art Emmy Awards, will be required to show proof of full vaccination and to test negative for COVID-19.

Attendees were limited to nominees and a guest. Prior to the event, it was unclear of Emmy attendees would have to wear masks. However, as viewers at home saw, several maskless celebrities socialized in close proximity while indoors.

This provoked social media outrage, with some noting that children across the country are being forced to wear masks in schools despite millions being vaccinated. Madison Gesiotto Gilbert tweeted:

“As expected, celebrities are almost exclusively without masks at the Emmys.”

Joe Colangelo tweeted:

“My kids eat their lunches on their laps in the school auditorium, facing forward and get yelled at if they talk to friends.”

Another user tweeted:

“I honestly don’t understand. I flipped on the Emmy’s and no one is wearing a mask. My 2 vaccinated boys are required to wear a mask for 8+ hours a day in school. Wtf is this? #rulesfortheenotforme.”

Jeff Bishop tweeted:

“At the bar and the Emmys came on. No masking. But yet kids have to wear a mask to school. #WTF.”

Another user tweeted:

“This same crowd wants you to wear a [mask] outdoors, at stadiums, inside restaurants, schools and stores. You can’t wear a mask in church or at the gym because they want those places closed. They [celebrate] themselves while the servants are masked and silent. #Emmys.”

Tyler Litzenberger tweeted:

“Actors at Emmys? No mask in sight. My kids at school? Mask. And which age group is more problematic? Infuriating.”

Another user wrote:

“They don’t wear masks at the Emmys, but they mask your kids at school. STOP THE NONSENSE.”

No Rules for the Elite just Us Peons

Only ‘Hired Help’ Required to Wear Face Masks at Emmys While Celebrities Hug and Kiss Each Other (VIDEO) https://t.co/pxvLAHLkjR via @gatewaypundit

— SpecialForcesEd (@sf_beretEd) September 20, 2021

Los Angeles has seen an alarming rise in COVID-19 cases, with breakthrough infections reportedly accounting for 30 percent of all new coronavirus cases. Breakthrough infections are classified as those coronavirus cases occurring in fully vaccinated people. Eric Bott tweeted:

“No masks at the #Emmys because rules are for the little people.”

One viewer said:

“No masks being worn INSIDE at the Emmy’s. Call me not shocked, love to preach but not practice what they preach…”

The Emmy’s were not the only big Hollywood event that got fans upset over the pandemic rules.

The Met Gala earlier this month also sent viewers into a frenzy. Law Enforcement Today recently reported on on rap superstar Nicki Minaj opted not to attend the gala because guests were required to show proof of vaccination. 

Mother of 9-year-old upset after teacher allegedly taped mask to his face in front of the whole class

September 7th, 2021

LAS VEGAS, NV – The mother of a 9-year-old-boy is reasonably angered after learning that a substitute teacher in her son’s classroom allegedly taped a mask on her son in front of his entire class.

The mask was taped onto the child, according to the mother, after the boy forgot to immediately put the mask back on after sipping some water.

“He went to get a sip of water, forgot to put the mask on. The teacher did not tell him to put it back on… she instead pulled him up in front of the classroom in front of all of the students & she then taped the mask across the top of his face.”

— Young Americans for Liberty (@YALiberty) September 6, 2021

A mother, who spoke with KVVU-TV under anonymity, is seeking the resignation of a substitute teacher out of Clark County School District who allegedly taped a mask on her son’s face – and also did the same to at least five other students.

The incident happened at Reedom Elementary School in Mountain’s Edge, which the mother said she’s “furious” over how her son was humiliated:

“I was furious, furious. I was scared for my son on what kind of long-term effect it is going to have on him socially, the fact that the entire class was laughing.”

The 9-year-old boy had apparently gotten up to drink some water and had forgotten to put his mask back on, which led to the substitute teacher taping the mask on his face:

“He went to get a sip of water, forgot to put the mask on. The teacher did not tell him to put it back on or send him to the office, she instead pulled him up in front of the classroom in front of all of the students and she then taped the mask across the top of his face.”

According to the child’s mother, the substitute teacher went so far as to add a second layer of tape that spanned from his nose to his forehead.

It was when the child went to the school’s office to pick up homework that he’d forgotten at home that was dropped off by his father that administrators saw the tape on the child’s face:

“When he went to the office to pick up that homework is when one of the administrators noticed the tape on his face.”

The administrator was apparently concerned over the matter, removing the tape from the child’s face, and alerting the principal to the incident. Apparently, the same administrator had also noticed another child with tape on their face that same day.

Those addicted to the power of the mask cult in America are increasingly dangerous!

They’ve become a public health disease in & of themselves.https://t.co/N7LNHB9Bmn

— Daniel F. Baranowski (@DFBHarvard) September 7, 2021

When the 9-year-old’s mother asked if he was aware of any other kids in his class that were administered the same treatment, he told her that he was aware of at least five others. The mother of the boy isn’t against mask mandates in the school, but takes issue with the substitute taping the mask to her child’s face:

“He was very upset. He was crying. He was humiliated…Its crazy. Corporal punishment in schools should not be happening.”

The Clark County School District issued the following statement regarding the matter:

“The district is aware of the isolated incident and is dealing with the employee through the proper channels. The principal proactively notified the family of the investigation.”

The child’s mother has reportedly filed a police report related to the incident and is exploring alternative options regarding her son’s education – whether that simply be changing schools within the district or possibly enrolling him into a charter school.

California Antifa teacher who discussed radicalizing students into militants set to be fired by school district

(Originally published September 2nd, 2021)

SACRAMENTO, CA – A teacher from Inderkum High School in Sacramento is reportedly on their way to being fired by the school district, according to reports.

This, following an undercover video from Project Veritas that showed the teacher nonchalantly discussing how he radicalizes his students to become far-left militants.

Parents in Sacramento are speaking out over a teacher who bragged about having an Antifa flag in the classroom and pushing his political ideas on students.https://t.co/RxEiBaax0l

— Free to Learn (@ftlcoalition) September 2, 2021

Inderkum High School AP government teacher Gabriel Gipe managed to gain the national spotlight – but not in any way he likely wanted – after Project Veritas released a video showing obtained footage where Gipe casually bragged about how he radicalizes students in his classroom.

While speaking with an undercover journalist, Gipe boasted how he has a limited timeframe to radicalize students:

“I have 180 days to turn them (the students) into revolutionaries.”

When Gipe was asked how he accomplishes this, he replied:

“I scare the fuck out of them.”

During the interaction with the undercover journalist, Gipe then talked about his links to local Antifa outfits:

“The Sacramento organization that is under the banner of Antifa is very loosely organized, right? So, like, when there’s right wing rallies and stuff, we like, we’ll create an opposition to that. Yeah.”

Gipe also explained how he gives his students “extra credit” assignments for them to attend Antifa protests, so that way they’re attracted to the idea of attending far-left demonstrations:

“And so like I do it for extra credit. So, they get points for doing it. Like and so, that encourages them to do it…And I’ve had students show up for protests, community events, tabling, food distribution. All sorts of things.”

“When they go, they take pictures, write up a reflection, that’s their extra credit.”

Not only did Gipe encourage his students – who are minors, keep in mind – to attend what often turn out to be violent demonstrations, he also bragged about his Antifa flag proudly displayed inside of his classroom and how he inferred to students who disagreed with the flag that they’re fascists:

“Like, I have an Antifa flag on my wall. And a student complained about that, and he said it made him feel uncomfortable. Well, this is made to make fascists feel uncomfortable, so if you feel uncomfortable, I don’t really know what to tell you. Maybe you shouldn’t be aligning with the values that this is antithetical to.”

The video, which is roughly 12 minutes long, is pretty damning, needless to say.

Natomas Unified school board member Micah Grant was among the first to voice his concerns over the released video of Gipe, saying the following on Facebook:

“I am a lifelong defender of individual freedoms and personal expression, but I am deeply concerned with what I’ve seen in the video.”

“Parents depend on us to provide a safe and nurturing educational environment for their children and we have a responsibility to address any allegations where a teacher may have pressured students into conforming to his or her personal beliefs.

I have full faith that our Superintendent will thoroughly investigate this situation and that appropriate action will follow.”

And now the Natomas Unified School District is taking action against Gipe. When the video began going viral when circulating online, the school district released the following statement:

“Yesterday, a group released an undercover video that has been covered extensively. In this video, a teacher at Inderkum High School was recorded sharing his educational approach that is disturbing and undermines the public’s trust.”

The statement continued from there, saying that Gipe was placed on leave and that they’re taking steps to ensure he’s terminated from his position:

“As of today, this teacher was placed on paid leave because of his actions and choices in the classroom. Natomas Unified will be taking the legally required next steps to place the teacher on unpaid leave and fire the teacher.”

When citing the reasons for termination, the school district pointed to several violations of employee conduct that Gipe had been engaged in while teaching at the school, namely specific policies revolving around advocating “for and against ballot measures on school property”, “conducting political activity during work hours”, and trying to “encourage or discourage political activity” of students during work hours.

The school also confirmed that they removed the Antifa flag from the classroom, as well as a poster Mao Zedong – but also revealed in their statement that even more disturbing material were found inside Gipe’s classroom:

“Additionally, the teacher, using his own money, purchased a series of rubber stamps. These stamps include an inappropriate image of Josef Stalin with an insensitive phrase, as well as other stamps with Fidel Castro, Kim Jung Un and others.”

Apparently, Gipe would use these stamps to mark completed classroom assignments.

Please follow Law Enforcement Today as we continue to gather further insight into this developing story. 

Teacher resigns far-left curriculum that is ‘stealing kids’ innocence’ in town where mayor regularly attacks cops

(Originally published September 1st, 2021)

The following contains editorial content written by a retired Chief of Police and current staff writer for Law Enforcement Today. 

MANCHESTER, CT- What is it with the leadership in Manchester, Connecticut anyway?

An elementary school teacher was forced to resign her position due to the school system’s inclusion of “equity” brainwashing in the system’s curriculum, accusing the district of “stealing students’ innocence through an excessive focus on race,” Fox News reported.

Last year, we reported on the feckless mayor of Manchester. 

That’s the guy who signed a letter along with the rest of the Democrat social justice warrior directors in which they sent a letter to the town’s “black and brown” residents in which they inferred they should be in fear whenever a Manchester police cruiser drives by them while addressing an officer-involved shooting in April of 2020, whereby the involved officers were cleared of wrongdoing.

The letter spoke to “the terror associated with police interaction,” speaking to “an elevated heart rate when a squad car passes by, or a bead of sweat that forms on your lip as an officer walks toward you…”

This letter was speaking about a police department which is clearly one of the preeminent departments in the State of Connecticut and which is both nationally and state accredited.

Manchester’s mayor, Jay Moran, who signed the letter is also an abject hypocrite.

Just weeks after the letter was sent to the town’s “black and brown” residents, Moran was attending an event at the Bennett Academy during a mask handout and allegedly decided he didn’t have time to make it inside the men’s room.

Bennett, it should be noted, is located in a primarily minority and subsidized housing area of Manchester.

So, in a show of total respect to the minorities who not only attend Bennett, but also live in the area, Moran decided to relieve himself on the building, according to sources.

After our initial report, Moran “claimed” he was talking on his cell phone, however the photo provided to us seemed to clearly show that was not the case.

We were also told my multiple sources within the town and the police department that the chief of police was pressured to say there was “no evidence of wrongdoing “ by Moran.

Anyhow, this is Manchester’s leadership for you.

Not to be outdone, when one of his long-time officers, Sgt. Stephen Bresciano lost a two-year battle with pancreatic cancer, Moran was too busy paying tribute to a groundhog on radio station WPLR in New Haven.

Even after being called out about it, Moran never apologized to either Sgt. Bresciano’s widow, his children, or the officers of the Manchester Police Department. 

It is therefore no surprise to find out that Manchester has jumped on the critical race theory bandwagon. Apparently, the school superintendent is as “woke” as the rest of the town’s Board of Directors.

According to the elementary school teacher, Jennifer Tafuto in a Fox News interview, she claimed she was taking a stand against indoctrination of young students.

“They’re so young and naïve and that to me was the hardest part about all of this,” she said.

When she became aware of the curriculum, she contacted 1776 Action, which is an anti-critical race theory group formed in opposition to Nikole Hannah Jones’ fantasy rewrite of the nation’s founding called the 1619 Project.

“We’re taking away that innocence because we’re trying to make them so obsessed with race and a characteristic that they can’t control. I feel so sorry for them. It breaks my heart, and I just didn’t want to be a part of it anymore.”

What Tafuto was referring to were what were called “equity sessions” in which teachers in the school system were instructed to direct their students’ attention toward the racial characteristics of characters in various books.

She noted in the Fox interview that the equity materials “went so far over [students’] heads for the most part,” while also suggesting she was told to focus on race while students would focus on other characteristics of the characters in stories.

“If the question was, ‘what do you notice on this page?’ the kids would be like, ‘well his shirt’s red,’ or ‘he’s smiling, he’s having fun with his grandfather.’”

Fox said they reached out to a request by Fox News for comment, however, did verify a teacher training exercise referred to by Tafuto, which for example asked teachers to focus on so-called “racial aspects” of simple daily activities like brushing their teeth.

What, are “white” teeth now considered “racist?”

Teachers were also told to refer to the radical Marxist Black Lives Matter (BLM) ideology in only positive terms.

For example, if students raised the issue of BLM, Tafuto said they were told to refer to a footnote that read: “The Black Lives Matter Foundation is an organized movement advocating for nonviolent civil disobedience in protest against incidents of police brutality against black people.” [emphasis added]

There was also a scripted answer for students if they (had the audacity) to ask if children asked if other lives mattered. It read in part: “Imagine you are outside with a group of friends.

While you are playing, you fall down and scrape your knee. Should we give everyone a bandage because everyone matters, or should we give it to you because, right now, you need it more than everyone else? We should give you the bandage right now, so you can heal.”

You know, garbage like that.

Fox News said that another educator confirmed the excerpts Tafuto provided to Fox News, but only on the condition of anonymity (clearly).

More Black Lives Matter indoctrination, reading: “When the boy was watching the news with his Pop Pop, he saw people everywhere ‘take a breath, take a stand, take a knee.’ This made me think of all of the people in my town who get together every night to take a stand at the ‘spot’ for Black Lives Matter.”

Another read, according to Tafuto: “This story reminds me of the Black Lives Matter movement because Dolores and Cesar marched and protested in the streets to fight for justice so that their people would be treated fairly. I saw a lot of BLM protestors marching in the streets for justice this past summer and they too were fighting for justice and fair treatment of their people!”

As soon as Tafuto became aware of the critical race theory indoctrination, she resigned from Waddell Elementary School on July 14, a date that was confirmed by the Manchester Public Schools.

In a video posted by 1776 Action, Tafuto spoke about her reasons for resigning her teaching position after only six years.

“After only six years as a teacher in Connecticut, I decided to resign from what I thought would be my forever career because I felt like more of a political activist than a teacher in my own classroom.”

She continued that, “unfortunately, what’s going on in classrooms across our country is pitting students against each other based on the color of their skin.”

She further noted that terms like “equity” were being used to “push critical race theory on teachers.”

Tafuto is the latest educator the have enough of the indoctrination of students in the classroom. Earlier in August, Laura Morris, a teacher in the Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) in Virginia resigned at a meeting of the school board, a video which went viral.

Morris, a fifth-grade teacher gave an emotional speech in which she said she was “done being a cog in a machine that tells me to push highly politicized agendas to our most vulnerable constituents—children.”

Laura Morris is a hero. The Loudoun County school board are putting divisive politics over our children. They should resign. https://t.co/Vf77tERury

— Mercedes Schlapp (@mercedesschlapp) August 11, 2021

Defenders of the brainwashing ideology defend it, arguing that it “helps foster understanding and breaks down systemic biases against minorities.”

What it in fact does is make everything about skin color and race, teach that white children are born with “privilege” and act as oppressors, while blacks and other minorities are born downtrodden and are in fact “victims” of white supremacy. You know, the anti-MLK teachings.

The Connecticut Education Association, the union of which Tafuto was a member, is part of the National Education Association (NEA)—a far left labor union that has come out in support of critical race theory, along with the other neo-Marxist teacher’s union, the American Federation of Teachers.

The NEA approved a resolution recently in which it vowed to fight so-called “anti-CRT rhetoric.”

Yet another resolution drew the ire of Senate Republicans by saying the union would “research the organizations attacking educators doing anti-racist work and/or use the research already done and put together a list of resources and recommendations for state affiliates, locals, and individual educators to utilize when they are attacked.”

Sadly, when good teachers like Ms. Tafuto resign, we are then left with a bunch of leftist socialists and Marxists who are slowly but surely ruining our children. Congratulations to Ms. Tafuto and Ms. Morris in Virginia for standing up for their principles and standing up for our children.

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