Mythology vocalist, Shaaban Abdel Rahim passed away Tuesday early morning at Maadi Armed force Hospital, after a fight with ailment at the age of 62.

The late singer had recently performed at Riyadh season in Saudi Arabia in a wheelchair due to the extent of his ailment.

Details relating to the consolation marquee have actually not been revealed yet.

A debate was increased in 2018 on social media sites after users flowed an image of the singer from inside a critical care unit (ICU) room, which coincidence with the star’s stay in a health center after he suffered on October 8 from shortness of breath.

The customers claimed that the image was from inside his hospital room as well as revealed his current wellness condition.

Nonetheless, the fact behind the photo dates back to 2014, which was a screenshot from a YouTube video clip that incorporates old images of Abdel Rahim from his remain in a health center.

The popular singer had actually endured from shortness of breath after he returned from Syria and also was confessed to a hospital to receive clinical therapy.

Abdel Rahim, additionally referred to as Shaabola, was an Egyptian mythology (Shaabi) vocalist. He was born upon March 15, 1957, in Cairo, Egypt.

He functioned for lots of years as a washing presser prior to ending up being a vocalist and quickly end up being recognized for his political verses tracks.

He carried out a multitude of songs that were very preferred in the Arab world, most significantly “I will stop cigarette smoking”, and “I Dislike Israel”, which triggered a large amount of controversy.

Abdel Rahim additionally presented a TV show as well as a variety of plays with prominent comedian Samir Ghanem.

He also co-starred in film “resident, informant as well as thief” guided by Daoud Abdel Sayed, as well as “Falah in Congress” directed by Fahmi Sharkawi.

Abdel Rahim was considered to be one of one of the most preferred Egyptian vocalists, following a string of hits.

Followers and fellow performers grieved the mythology vocalist’s death on social networks.

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