Celebrities such as Richard Hammond and Tim Lovejoy dress up as mustachioed sporting legends in support of Movember

Famous faces from across the UK have dressed up as mustachioed sporting legends in support of the annual Movember campaign.

Grand Tour presenter Richard Hammond and Sunday Brunch host Tim Lovejoy looked unrecognisable as they transformed into sporting greats.    

Hammond portrays Formula One racing driver Nigel Mansell and wore some blue racing overalls and of course a dark brown moustache.

This is while Lovejoy transformed into sports presenter Des Lynam and former footballer Jimmy Bullard dressed up as Scottish midfielder Graeme Souness.

Famous faces from across the UK paid homage to the best moustaches in sport for this year’s Movember campaign

Richard Hammond (right), dressed as Nigel Mansell while Tim Lovejoy (left) donned a suit and tie to look like Des Lynam

The Movember campaign is currently in its 12th year and encourages men to grow a moustache.

Many will raise money to grow the facial fuzz which helps highlight men’s health.

Speaking about how men tend to cope with disclosing their health related issues, Hammond said there was ‘no doubt’ that men struggle to talk sincerely about such problems.

‘Obviously in my instance, because I suffered a brain injury some years ago in a crash, I encountered a lot of people who’ve had brain injuries or mental health issues of one sort or another and there’s still a reluctance to talk about it, which I find incredible and I find very sad.’

Jimmy Bullard (left), dressed as Graeme Souness and Luke Campbell (right), dressed as Barry McGuigan

He added that he liked the approach of the Movember campaign and that it centered on moustaches. 

‘It’s funny and it is saying, ‘Look let’s just talk stuff.’ It’s not trying to make it urgent or pompous and unapproachable.

‘It’s about approachability, and about saying, ‘Just talk about it with your mates if you’re worried’.

He encouraged men who might be worried about a personal or mental health issue, to ‘just talk about it with your mates’.  

Ben Miller (left) dressed as Bruce Grobbelaar and Dev Griffin (right), dressed as Daley Thompson

‘You might find either you’ve identified the problem and it’s gone away as a result or you’ve identified the problem and you can plan a course of action to resolve it’, he added.

In 2006 Hammond was injured in a crash that left him in a coma for two weeks and with brain injuries after he crashed a jet-powered car at an airfield.

Iwan Thomas (pictured above) dressed as Ian Botham

Celebrities who have also lent a hand to support the campaign include Iwan Thomas, dressed as Sir Ian Botham and comedian and actor Ben Miller, who imitates his childhood hero, former footballer Bruce Grobbelaar.

Radio 1 DJ and former Strictly star Dev Griffin transforms himself into decathlete Daley Thompson, while boxer Luke Campbell is pictured as retired boxer Barry McGuigan.

Miller said it was his second year supporting Movember and claimed he had also dressed up last year as Salvador Dali.

He added that this year he decided to sport Bruce Grobbelaar.

‘As a young lad growing up in Crewe, I used to watch him playing on the practice field.

‘Bruce Grobbelaar that is, not Salvador Dali. There were no melting clocks anywhere in sight. Anyway, I definitely prefer this look.’

He added: ‘It’s now important more than ever for men and all to come together, grow a mo and raise as much money as possible.

‘No matter what you type of moustache you sport this year, your efforts will make a huge difference.’

Movember was launched in 2003 and over the years the men’s health movement has gained six million supports across the world, helping 1,250 innovative men’s health projects across 20 countries.

Movember’s executive director Simon Traynor said: ‘This incredible and fun campaign was the perfect way for us to inspire as many people as possible to get involved in Movember this year.

‘We have welcomed our stars to re-create a variety of sporting legends who made their own mos cool.

‘We want to inspire men to not feel embarrassed by their facial hair, whatever you grow will save a bro.

‘We want men to know that no matter what you grow, your moustaches will save lives.’

Sign up for Movember at www.movember.com/sportsmo

Celebrities such as Richard Hammond dress up as mustachioed sporting legends in support of Movember

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