Celebrities, Worship Blake Shelton Sings for Jesus After a Dream From God—& It’s Taking Christian Radio by Storm




Blake Shelton just released a new song called “Savior’s Shadow,” and it’s officially his first tune written specifically for Christian radio. Blake explained that the inspiration for the song came from a dream about God that assured him everything was going to be all right amidst a very rough time in his life.

“At a very dark time in my life last year, I dreamed the first verse of this song. I woke up and immediately wrote it down,” Shelton said in a press release. “Now, looking back, I know it was God’s way of telling me that he’s here and things are gonna be OK.”

These are the lyrics to the first verse that spawned the creation of this beautiful song:

I’m standing in my savior’s shadow/He is watching over me
I feel the rain/I hear the thunder/As He cries for me
And standing in my savior’s shadow/Grace will lead to where I’m free
I take His hand/We walk together/His light shines on me

In a tweet Blake posted in April, he expressed that he’s “never experienced this kind of reaction” from a song before:


In a music industry filled with smut and degrading lyrics, it’s so amazing to see more of today’s pop stars using their platforms for Christ!

What did you think of Blake’s new song?