A child has wreaked havoc at one of Melbourne Airport’s baggage carousels, running along the conveyor belt before throwing people’s suitcases onto the ground.

The video showed the young boy jumping up onto the conveyer belt and running around, despite his mother telling him off and instructing him to get down.

‘Get off now,’ the mother could be heard saying.

‘Get off there now or I’ll come get you,’ she yelled, to which the boy replied, ‘No you won’t’.

Travellers watched on in shock as the boy wandered around on the carousel before grabbing a person’s suitcase and dragging it off.

The mum yelled again but the boy ignored her pleas for him to behave.

Shocking vision shows a child wreaking havoc at a baggage carousel at Melbourne airport, running along the conveyor belt and throwing off people’s luggage to the horror of onlookers

It wasn’t until a Melbourne Airport worker jumped on the public-address system that the boy started to behave.

‘Hi everyone, can the parents please control that child that’s going around on the carousel at carousel number 4,’ the airport worker said over the intercom.

‘We have security and the police coming to talk with you.

‘Please get your child off the carousel, thank you.’

After hearing that police were on their way, the boy quickly hopped off and ran to his mother.

Social media users were shocked by the video, saying they never would have been allowed to behave in such a way.

‘If that was me as a kid I would have been belted into next week,’ one person commented.

‘My mum would have uppercut me in front of all those people,’ a second said.

‘That reminds me to take my pill,’ a third joked.

The video showed the child ignoring his mother telling him to get off and running rampant on the conveyor belt

Others applauded the quick-thinking worker on the PA system for scaring him off by mentioning the police.

‘Lady on the PA must be a mum.. she saw what she needed to. Kid got off at the mention of the police,’ one person commented.

‘Bro pooped himself when he heard the police are coming to talk to him,’ another wrote.

Melbourne Airport has been contacted by Daily Mail Australia for comment.

Child goes rogue at Melbourne Airport, dragging luggage off the baggage carousel before cops called

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