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Western target markets may only be familiar with Donnie Yen‘s acting chops. But his influence, both as an action supervisor and also fight choreographer, is almost as powerful as, well … the guy himself.

Yen is a part of an extremely small group of activity stars who (1) are equally skilled choreographers, and (2) have a recognizable combating style all their very own. Fight scenes crafted by Yen feel various, from the high influence kicks to the refined variations in rate and the harsh grit that separates him from the unlikely ballet quarrels of his peers. There is a concern on pain in a Donnie Yen battle scene, a choreographed turmoil that often lines up with the impulsive, violent personalities he plays.

Naturally, Yen’s luster goes much beyond just pioneering a grittier strategy to Hong Kong activity. As outlined in the two-part video essay listed below, Yen has actually pushed the limitations of his technique, instilling realism into choreography by embracing the narrative capacity of messiness.

You can see Art of Donnie Yen’s Fight Choreography”right here:

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