Just because we’re working from home at the moment doesn’t mean that our work clothes are any less important now. Here are three work from home staples you should own that will help you stay comfortable and feel good on workdays.

Feel-Good Sweats

Why spend the entire day in a skirt or jeans when you can relax and feel comfortable in your favorite sweats? If you think that comfy sweats or even yoga pants will help you focus and be more productive throughout the day, pair them with a nice shirt and you’re ready to work.

We know that there are people who like to dress up even when working from home because they feel better and more motivated to work. In this case, we suggest choosing a lightweight dress that looks nice and feels comfortable.

This winter wardrobe essential is all you need to feel warm and cozy while working from home. Everyone has at least one cozy, feel-good jumper in their wardrobe and now is the perfect time to wear it all day long.