Just in case there is any question, America is the greatest nation in the world.

If the President, Commander-in-Chief, leader of our great country is threatened, that threat should be taken seriously.  It should be investigated, and the person or entity responsible should be held accountable.

Unfortunately, I’m not just talking about terrorist threats, I’m talking about citizens of our very nation.

For example.

If a country with ties to terrorism, such as Iran, puts out a bounty on our President for, say, $80 million, anyone who says anything about taking them up on their offer, however much, should be arrested for treason.

Iranian sleeper cells have been hiding in America. They've already been uncovered in New York City.

Iranian sleeper cells have been hiding in America. They’ve already been uncovered in New York City.

That isn’t something to “joke” about.  It’s not something to use to get liberals excited or riled up for more protests.

This is the President of the United States of America we are talking about.

I’ll be quite honest: I was not a fan of former President Obama.  But I would absolutely not want him assassinated.  That’s a way worse thing for our country, and supporting a terrorist threat to do just that makes our country appear weak and divided (even more divided than we already are).

On the ever growing Twittersphere (it says a lot about our current society that my computer doesn’t mark that word as incorrect spelling), as well as Facebook and Instagram, there are “celebrities” and regular people speaking up and saying they’ll take the bounty, or even just part of it, to MURDER President Trump.

First up, George Lopez. Remember him? 

Chicano WorldStar is apparently a news media/reality TV conglomerate.  Its Twitter page is filled with vile posts degrading to women, things I don’t even care to repeat.  The company posted about Iran placing an $80 million bounty on President Trump.  They asked what its followers thought about that.

George Lopez’ response: “We’ll do it for half.”


He said he will kill the President for 40 million dollars.

Tagging the @FBI @CIA @SecretService

Copy, Paste & Tweet #ArrestGeorgeLopez#ArrestGeorgeLopez


— Terrence K. Williams (@w_terrence) January 6, 2020

Loving and tolerant as the left always is, this is not the first time this particular former comedian has made reference to taking the President’s head.  In 2016, he posted a cartoon photo of a Mexican man that looks an awfully lot like himself holding up the severed head of our President with “Make America Great Again” printed around him.

While the photo was vile and inappropriate, his comment to murder our President for $40 million dollars is a direct threat.  Many on social media (including myself) are calling for the arrest of George Lopez for treason. 

In 2017, Kathy Griffin (she used to be a comedian as well, in case you’ve never heard of her) posted a very realistic and disturbing photograph of herself holding a severed head full of blood but obviously Donald Trump.  That’s bad enough as it is.

Calm down trump cult! @georgelopez is a professional comedian and…OH FUCK OFF. THIS JOKE IS HILARIOUS & you all know it. #impotus #trumpfail #comedy pic.twitter.com/T5QblH07kF

— Kathy Griffin (@kathygriffin) January 6, 2020

But then, in response to George Lopez, she posted this comment: “Calm down trump cult! @georgelopez is a professional comedian and…OH FUCK OFF.  THIS JOKE IS HILARIOUS & you all know it. #impotus #trumpfail #comedy”

If that’s what Kathy and Georgie think is “hilarious,” then it’s no wonder their careers are DOA.

Aside from celebrities or former celebs, there are regular people posting things online and holding signs in person talking about killing President Trump or assisting terrorists with finding his location, like it’s nothing.  Like they’re pointing them in the direction of the closest McDonald’s. 

Someone named Dave Taube responded to Iran’s bounty offer with a photo of Florida; he circled West Palm Beach and wrote, “He’s on the golf course.”

Granted, I know, and you probably also know that this dummy, Dave, was making a joke.  The left has this ongoing theory that the President is always at the golf course.  Hilarious.

But do you think the terrorists in Iran know that?  Or do you think that could have put a big, black “X” on the City of West Palm Beach?

Then there’s a person who attended a protest in Boise, ID a couple of days ago.  I’m assuming it’s a girl, but you know what they say about assuming genders.  Anyway, she’s got bright, pink, fluffy hair and is classily holding a cigarette, as well as a sign that says, “Kill Donald Trump iNow!”  Don’t ask me why there’s an upside-down exclamation point in front of the word now, but there is.

@realDonaldTrump this girl was in Boise Idaho last night at a socialist protest against you. Take note of her sign. @FBI needs to be notified and she needs to be arrested for threatening you. #boise #FBI #LiberalismIsAMentalDisorder pic.twitter.com/4Q9vHPDb05

— Official Idaho MAGA girl Chapter (@IdahoMAGAGirl) January 5, 2020

I’m sorry…what?  In what world is it ok to call for the MURDER of the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA?

Not in this world, that’s for sure.  It’s completely inappropriate and unacceptable, and a threat to our national security.  I’m with political activist celebrities like Terrence Williams, Mindy Robinson, Wayne Dupree, and so many others who are calling for the FBI, Secret Service, and CIA to investigate and arrest these treasonous acts.

They wouldn’t be laughing anymore.

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