WORLD—The coronavirus pandemic miraculously ended today after celebrities digitally joined together to sing John Lennon’s “Imagine” in a universally loved viral video.

The medical community was trying to come up with vaccines and cures. Politicians were looking for ways to control the rate of infection. But all along, the only thing that needed to happen was for celebrities to sing an annoying song together from their giant, well-stocked houses, behind their secure walls, during the country’s lockdown.

“As soon as the virus saw the celebrities singing about a communist utopia, it seems to have admitted defeat,” said one amazed public health official. “And to think we wasted so many resources on trying to stop this thing when the clear solution was simply to sing about no heaven, no hell, no religion, and no possessions. The celebs didn’t even have to give up their possessions, either — they just had to sing about it, and the virus went away without any further harm.”

Celebrities say they will be singing “We are the World” from their luxury jets to end climate change next.

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Many of you told us you wouldn’t subscribe until we offered Paypal as a payment option. You apparently weren’t bluffing, so we finally caved and added Paypal. Now — like the unbeliever faced with God’s invisible qualities displayed in nature — you are without excuse.